The Terrible Timing of the Bloody Torso

Ethan Moses tries to figure out why anyone would think this collector's edition item was a good idea, let alone during a time when the video game industry more under the microscope than ever before.

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Thantalas1736d ago

Considering the hype and notoriety this special edition has gained it will become a genuine bona fide collector's item worth saving in the attic for your grandkids.

Rashonality1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

this is the kinda sh!t that makes other media think we're psychos.
i'm all for creativity and stuff but to be honest this is tasteless.

ziggurcat1736d ago

get off of your soapbox.

Rashonality1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

you know, you're right, who am i to have an opinion, i should be just like you and shut up and be a TOOL for big companies to tell what to like and what to think ^^

j-blaze1736d ago

tasteless and unnecessary, those willing to buy that thing have serious issues in their heads

BX811736d ago

Yeah, looks like a crappy CE.

2pacalypsenow1736d ago

Yeah because movies are much more tame than video games in gore an sex

Rashonality1736d ago

no, all i'm saying is this is a step too far, especially when you remember that this industry is under the microscope.

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WetN00dle691736d ago

That Edition looks awesome! Would pick it up in a heart beat if it were available here in the states.

guitarded771736d ago

When is it a good time for a bloody torso? May as well just put it out there.

1736d ago