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Submitted by Tacklebait 1119d ago | news

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 Secrets Allegedly Leaked to Nvidia by Former AMD Executives

Over the last year, AMD executives have been abandoning ship for rival Nvidia, and according to a new lawsuit, they took confidential information about the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 with them. Engadget reports that AMD has filed suit against four ex-employees, claiming that the executives absconded with thousands of confidential documents, including sensitive information about technologies at use in next-gen consoles. As our well-placed sources told us last year, custom silicon based on AMD's A8-series APU and HD 7670 GPU will be used in the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox 720 will combine an IBM PowerPC CPU and a custom version of AMD's 6670 GPU. (Next-Gen)

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bicfitness  +   1119d ago
Eew. I know you squeeze more out of closed-system architecture, but both those GPUs are crap by any modern standards. I don't understand the point of next-gen consoles if they'll be offering low-mid range PC graphics. That's what the current ones do now.
TheGamerDood  +   1119d ago
"7670 GPU will be used in the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox 720 will use a 6670 GPU."

If the rumors are true and it's looking like they are then the PS4 will have a higher clocked CPU, beefier GPU and faster ram than the next Xbox. Yikes! I hate to say but it looks like those whispers of MS abandoning the core and focusing mainly on the casual market may have been true. D: If I'm wrong on this then please feel free to correct me on this.

which might explain comments like these that have been trickling in from devs lately.

Xbox 720 tech won't be as "obvious" a leap
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Muffins1223  +   1119d ago
Right....that may be true just like last gen but as long as sony has alienating hardware to develope for compared to pc and xox360, multi platform games will look better on next gen for xbox just because it will be easier to develop for.....besides,both of them are kinda weak in my opinion,so i dont know why stupid fan-boys like you are arguing over which console is less shitty lol..
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DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1119d ago

damn, are you stupid or what ? XD
you can see that PS4 won't use Cell and will be like a PC. so there will be no problem with making games for PS4. LOL
TheGamerDood  +   1119d ago

You're basing this all on the hopes that Sony will go with proprietary set up? Sorry my friend but they've decided on AMD hardware for that very reason of making it easier on the devs. Aww so much for that little theory of yours. *sadface*
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Tacklebait  +   1119d ago
When i try and google the difference between the 6670 and the 7670, I find some articles saying they are pretty much card in specs just rebranded.

So does this make these gpus equally capable in this rumored situation?

Not very techy here, i'm just a gamer.
bicfitness  +   1119d ago
Tackle, see my below post for an explanation.
nukeitall  +   1119d ago
There were some rumors about next Xbox having a 8000 series graphics card too. Like anything, it's not just the graphics card, but overall package to balance the system out.

That's the benefit of designing more specialized hardware as opposed to a general purpose system like PCs.
green  +   1119d ago
@Tacklebait : You are absolutely right. The 7670 is a rebranded 6670. They are exactly the same.
HappyTrigger  +   1119d ago
LOL! First it's an IBM PowerPC, then an AMD jaguar. Or a 6670, then an 8000 series. Gotta love these speculations. Right now the specs I (and many others) see for the Xbox 720 are:

8-core AMD Jaguar 1.6GHz
8GB DDR3 + 32/64MB eDRAM (Though ESRAM seems to be floating around a lot lately)

If that's "abandoning the core", then I'm shocked. Seems like a pretty beefy console to me.
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DeadlyFire  +   1119d ago
AMD 7670/6670 (768 Gigaflops) = to AMD Trinity GPU spec basically which is about (763 Gigaflops).

That + another GPU could range drastically from 1 Tflop up to 3-4 Tflops. Say they go for max. AMD Trinity(768 Gigaflops) + AMD 8850(2.99 Tflops) = 3.758 Tflops

Then again it could work out for Xbox 720 with AMD Trinity + Mid power GPU + PowerPC CPU from IBM for Xbox 720. Say Power7+ at 32nm + AMD Trinity + GPU.

That's pretty big speculation and would lead one to think Sony might have a setup like that as well since they filled a patent for Dynamic context switching they could have an upgraded Cell or Power7 setup to emulate a Power series/Cell 2 like CPU + AMD Trinity/Kaveri + GPU.

Then again all of that seems like a little bit of a stretch. Could be a new trend with co-processing and big/little processing plans. Possibly with HSA making it all work in unison. If true.
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zebramocha  +   1119d ago
@happy Yeah your right,if the ps4 & 720 weren't suppose to come out until 2013 or 2014 then these specs seem weird sense they should be talking about amd 7000 series.
Saigon  +   1118d ago

I have to agree with your comment on both systems. For some reason I have a feeling MS and Sony will provide some sort of similar structure.

I made a comment a while ago that Sony could somehow apply the setup you suggested. That APU chip will be interesting once we find out what is housed in there.
daniel856  +   1118d ago
@thegamerdood the GPU in the ps4 is garbage.the 7670 is just a re-branded radeon hd 6670 with a few enhancements on it thats it. that gpu is garbage and not powerful at all. its a low end GPU. if you think that the ps4 will be better than the 720 graphically because its using the 7670 you're sadly mistaken . again the 7670 is the 6670 but re-branded and a few new features thats all. no difference.
nirwanda  +   1118d ago
@happytrigger I also hear it will have a separate sound to take off even more work off the cpu, on the 360 the sound processing took over most of one of the cores on the 360, and some other things to help the gpu out
ABizzel1  +   1118d ago
I seriously hope this isn't true. I hope they go with the 8000M, because if they don't I'm building a new PC this year, and I'll wait for these consoles.

There are too many rumors floating around, and I have to say I'm more willing to believe IGN's, now that there are lawsuits going on between AMD and former AMD employees who now work for NVIDIA (their enemy).

However, it has been stated numerous times that there have been multiple SKU's and these could have been some of the older SKU's, and things could have gotten better.

If not it's PC for me, until I see a library of games for the consoles.
tamathadavid2   1118d ago | Spam
bicfitness  +   1119d ago
These are around 480 stream processing, MID range (low, in the 720's case) cards from 2011, 2012. Only on N4G can you get disagrees for stating facts.

Here you go. Read some links and educate yourselves.

That's the "better" card in the PS4 - supposedly. Look at the 3D Mark and Vantage scores. Those are tests that indicate the rough graphical capabilities of the cards. Just to give you an idea, my Sager laptop (680m) has a 3D Mark score of 7000. On a LAPTOP, with an OS hogging resources. The 7670 gets up to 2000 max. Higher is better.

A 7670 is not a good video card. That is a fact. It is mid to low tier. They are budget cards and you often see the mobile versions crammed into $399 laptops. They only saving grace would be if Sony double GPU'd it, because the functionality is better in that case - but still not up to anything remarkable.
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Omega Zues  +   1119d ago
There will be two video cards for it. The A8 or rumored A10 Processor has a GPU built in it. Using a 7670.

The question is, will it be cross-fired or X-fire set-up for it.
wishingW3L  +   1119d ago
I knew the jump was going to be small but NOT THIS SMALL!! I was expecting 800 pipelines minimum but only 480? That's like a 40 dollars card for god's sake! These next gen consoles CAN'T cost more than $300 I tell you if not then that's a rip-off just like the Wii U. ;______;

An APU (which has super weak CPU processing that can't even compete with the Xbox's CPU) paired with an HD 7670m... That's waaaayyy too weak!
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NintyJazz  +   1118d ago
So even if a console has great games on it, you'd consider it a rip off because it's not very powerful? Today's "gamers" are disappointing.
IAmTheBest35  +   1118d ago
its not a ripoff if it has amazing games. thats what youre buying the system for.. GAMES, not specs. tard.
fermcr  +   1119d ago
* sigh *

Another day, another leak.
Do people still believe these stupid leaks ?
Qrphe  +   1119d ago
A 7670 is definitely not low end, not yet at least.
bicfitness  +   1119d ago
Performance wise it is. It has less than 25% of the stream processors of a 7990 (2048). I'm not sure by what standards you think that isn't mid>low, but it is. Unless you know nothing about PCs. Plus the RAM clocks are miserably low. And by winter 2013, a 7670 will will certainly be outdated.
morkendo23  +   1118d ago
shit, everyone expecting NEXT GENERATION cpu,gpu,higher clarity graphic's and what not. seem to me if everyone wish came true SONY-MICROSOFT console would be 1200.00 or more. average consumer not able to afford it at the present economy time, just appreciate what we can get ps4 -720 probably be tweeked enough for illusion of 4k resolution.

it is only REAL to the mind that believe in the delusion of a illusion.
ziggurcat  +   1118d ago
"Eew. I know you squeeze more out of closed-system architecture, but both those GPUs are crap by any modern standards. I don't understand the point of next-gen consoles if they'll be offering low-mid range PC graphics."

so what? the question is whether it's better than what current gen consoles have. if the answer is "yes", then who cares...

and stop comparing what goes into a console with what goes into a high-end PC because they're not the same thing, nor will they ever be the same thing.
lfclee  +   1118d ago
There is not much between them and the wii u ?
lfclee  +   1118d ago
I am not going to bother wasting my money the next gen why ? Well when you look at it the next gen is about 20 % more powerful than the wii u , you are not going to notice it at all and i have a wii u .
BitbyDeath  +   1119d ago
Funny how all these supposed leaked specs are different from one another.

Next up i want to see a baby Elephant included or no deal.
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iamnsuperman  +   1119d ago
My source says it will make coffee for you and also tell you it loves you. True story as I have "well placed sources" too

In all seriousness though everyone wants to be a source and these websites really do not check the validity of the sources before reporting on them
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BanBrother  +   1119d ago
And we can call the elephant Stampy Junior!!!
NintyJazz  +   1118d ago
This is an IGN leak, and despite what you may think of their journalism, they usually only report on rumors which have circumstantial and substantial evidence to support their validity.
FlyingFoxy  +   1119d ago
My laptop has a 5870M in it, pretty sure it's more powerful than the mid end cards they will be using in the consoles.. but then it's not much a surprise.

My desktop has the 5870 in it which is even more powerful than the mobile version.. probably walk all over these consoles.

On my laptop i can play Black Mesa full settings 1080P and the most it drops to is around 40FPS and is usually a nice 60+. Very good for a laptop, but i doubt consoles will handle that and 60+FPS constant.
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bicfitness  +   1119d ago
That is a great card, even today, and yes, it is better than either of these, certain DX11 features aside.
Omega Zues  +   1119d ago
Right now im using two 5870s and im still amazed at how well they perform.
badkolo  +   1119d ago
why dont we wait untilwe here the real specs and not leaked mis info, until its a fact this is all rumors
tehpees3  +   1119d ago
It doesn't surprise me. I and many others have called this. Its silly to think when development costs get higher and higher you can keep expanding on power. What people want is more RAM.

I think next gen engines will be made to be more flexible. And I am not convinced Wii U would suffer much even if the consoles significantly outclass it. It will rule the Japanese market so developers there would naturally go there by default and its been proven all too often that power actually proves to slow down your console sales due to being more expensive.

if it was about power PS1 would not have outsold N64. PS2 would not have outsold Xbox and Gamecube. PS3 would not have fallen so far behind like it did at the start of this gen. PSP would have outsold DS. And Vita wouldn't be struggling as much as it is at the moment. So is there any real sense making the kind of leap we had before? Especially when you are bundling Kinect 2.0 in.

It would mean more expensive games (the kinds of prices we paid for N64 games £70), more re-releasing and DLC nickle and diming and more developers closing down so it just isn't worth going through with to please a small group of graphics lovers.
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PS4isKing_82  +   1119d ago
Less power = better sales and more games and cheaper prices.
It's a win-win for devs and gamers alike.

Ps1 and Ps2 ruled not bc of their power but bc of their games.

Yes graphics are nice but not at the expense of great gameplay and variety.

Last gen, we got 3 devil may crys, 3 onimushas, 2 mgs games, 2 final fantasies, 2 gran turismos, 3 gtas, etc.

This gen? 1 mediocre FF, 1 GTA (until part 5), 1 MGS, 1 Devil may cry, 1 Gran Turismo, NO onimushas.

See how wrong that looks?
We didn't have this problem before the hd era.

So yes, i'll gladly take a slightly weaker, affordable ps4 if it means getting the amount of games we got with ps1 and ps2.

IMO, graphics whores choose pc, but gamers choose consoles.
im a gamer and i simply want the best games period.
Now bring on next gen and bring on the games!!
nukeitall  +   1119d ago
It is also the fact that most of the games you listed are Japanese. The japanese game industry is imploding.

If you look across the pond, we got Call of Duty every year! :D

All joke aside, the industry has very much shifted to western games and this trend is continuing.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1118d ago
"IMO, graphics whores choose pc, but gamers choose consoles. "

What bs . I guess you miss the constant graphics comparisons articles where console fanboys argue about minimal graphic differences. Not to mention the everytime a gow, tlou, or beyond article come up most of the comments are people gloating how beautiful the game looks.

Diablo, wow, Starcraft, ect ect ect sold millions of copies and I wouldn't say games like those would be a graphic whores wet dream.

I was a console only owner up until a year or so ago, and I thought just like most of the console only chumps on this site. I WAS WRONG! Pc gaming has opened my gaming tastes much wider. Apparently I'm not a gamer anymore though lol.

If this rumor is right, then next gen will be weak, and all the People shit talking the wii u will have to eat some crow. Looks like no 4k @ 60 fps with 3d after all, if this is true.
2pacalypsenow  +   1119d ago
Sony should go with Nvidia
hennessey86  +   1119d ago
I saw a PC
The othe day with a 6670 2gb card, 8 gb of ram and AMD fx 4100 4 ghz processor for 399 pounds so if these specs are correct you can expect the 720 to be about the same price.
Mkai28  +   1119d ago
Obviously these specs will change, this was mentioned back in Jan 2012 possibly 2011. I will bet that Sony nor Microsoft will use these specs. So fanboys should stop boasting what will be the better console due to rumored specs.
#9 (Edited 1119d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
monkeyfox  +   1118d ago
its custom hardware people... the specs/benchmarks that many have gathered on 6670 and 7670 are almost irrelevant.... The ps3 had a modified nvidia 7800 in it for christ sake(!!) and some games on ps3 still look pretty damn good in my opinion.
elhebbo16  +   1118d ago
are people forgeting that the APU has GPU capabilities as well? meaning the A8 can co-work like cross-fie with the 7670. Compared to a PC the PS4 would still be mid range, but because its a console and not a PC games are gonna be specifically tweaked for it to look there best, not to mention its gonna consumes way less resources then typical mid-high range PC.
#11 (Edited 1118d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kevnb  +   1118d ago
so what is nvidia going to do with that?
Knight_Crawler  +   1118d ago
Sell it to Google.
WetN00dle69   1118d ago | Trolling | show
the new king 74  +   1118d ago
I'll wait until specs are announced for both systems. Its just too much misinformation going around.
nosferatuzodd  +   1118d ago
So in other words the new xbox will be a weak POS.........great going MS. Will wait for E3 before i start planning on whether or not i should invest my money on the PS4 rather than an a casual gaming POS console

You can't say that, my advise is wait and see because all of this could just be bogus .
specialguest  +   1118d ago
You might want to add the quote symbols ("") when you're quoting someone's comments next time lol. Some people don't realized that your first paragraph was WetN00dle69's comments.
Dlacy13g  +   1118d ago
I am just gonna throw this out there. Do either MS or Sony have a track record for putting out "weak" hardware or do they both tend to be on the higher end. I will maintain both tend to be on the higher end of things. I have yet to see Sony put out devices (in the gaming world at least) that are considered weak going into a generation. And the same can definitely be said for MS. Look at their track record... Xbox was definitely on the higher end of things for consoles that gen. Xbox 360 we all now know was indeed a beast of a machine. Their surface tablets are nothing to sneeze at either.

I am confident both companies are going to release machine that will make any owner/fan proud.
DivineAssault  +   1118d ago
i cant take these rumors anymore.. I just want to see finalized & official specs when they reveal them.. These new consoles may not be super power houses because they will have some type of casual gimmick involved too.. Who knows? Cant wait til summer! No matter what power PS4 has, i know ill get exclusive games that look beautiful from them.. Im looking forward to the games releasing this yr so i know nx gen games will make me even more excited
#17 (Edited 1118d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
impet25  +   1118d ago
Man da rumor mill is on fire 2day. People need 2 wait till msft n sony announce their consoles b4 u start fighting who got da better specs.sheesh
Truthandreason  +   1118d ago
A decent PC + Oculus Rift will be the future anyway. Once you try one it's life changing.
marie784   1118d ago | Spam
SugarSoSweet  +   1118d ago
The 6670 and 7670 are horrible budget GPU's if they end up being put in next gen consoles dnt expect much of a leap from the graphics we see today on the current consoles
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1118d ago
If true can somebody translate it for me? Don't speak computer.
specialguest  +   1118d ago
It means the PS4 will easily produce 4K NATIVE resolution games. The fanboys were right after all haha. Let's not even talk about the powerful Xbox 720 GPU.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1118d ago
Pc and xbox owners will be able to play cross so I hope it's multi platform..

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