Did You Know Mario is a Metaphor for Immigration?

And three other games with hidden meanings you probably didn't know about.

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kirbyu2071d ago

If everyone knew Tetris was propaganda, you wouldn't be talking about it. Well, duh!

NexGen2071d ago

Did you know your article is a metaphor for "garbage journalism?"'s no metaphor, just garbage.

indiejones2071d ago

It's called satire. Look it up.

SeanScythe2071d ago

Did this guy eat paint chips as a kid? Or live under power lines? Maybe dropped on his head as a baby. No one can be this stupid can they? Angry birds is about animal cruelty? That's like saying Earthworm Jim is about NASA and Space exploration.

indiejones2071d ago

That's pretty funny. I should've used that... since they were all jokes! Good lord, read the entire article.

SeanScythe2067d ago

No it's called crap, I did read the article and i was waiting for something to tell me this is just all a joke but it never happened. So don't get pissy when people hate your submitted crap.

RFornillos42071d ago

i read the article thinking, "oh boy..."

but apart from the Mario metaphor thing, the others he mentioned make sense in a way that that is the vision of the original creator or designer. a lot like Little Inferno's hidden message. just like a song's lyric may have hidden meanings.