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Aliens: Colonial Marines Gone Gold

Exciting news -- Aliens: Colonial Marines has gone gold on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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1upgamer99  +   961d ago
I want this game, and still not release date for Wii U. I don't want to pick this up on PS3, but if the release date is too far off from the PS3 version I might. UGGGG....
camel_toad  +   961d ago
I was hoping (ignorantly) it would hit wii u close to the same time as pc/ps3/360 so I could use the game pad with the motion tracker but it looks like I'll be getting the pc version now.
herbs  +   961d ago
I knew the Wii U version would get pushed back further we probably wont be seeing it for months. It's lame because the trailer shows the release date with the Wii U logo along side the others ;(
specsmatter  +   961d ago
Gearbox was behind duke nukem and that was hyped and ended up trash so i hope this doesnt end up that way because i want a good alien game. Previewers had good and bad to say, but i dont like that it is said the aliens are like sponges and the character animations suck and feel stiff. another negative ive heard is that although back drops are beautiful they are shiny and look fake.
Nitrowolf2  +   961d ago
"Gearbox was behind duke nukem"

No they weren't at least for the most part. They pratically took what was developed so far and about to be scrapped completely and released it with some of their work put into it. They didn't develope it from ground up, I think it was pretty much done in development when they were given it.

@ below, yeah that's true but honestly I'm glad it released even if it was crap. People waited and waited, I think it was just really a service to them
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specsmatter  +   961d ago
Oh ok thanks for clarification, but either way Duke Nukem was mediocre and they should have known better than to release that game the way it was if it was going to have their name on it.
I see 2k games, 3d realms, gearbox and piranha games all had a hand in it. Gearbox getting the game handed off to them in the end.
camel_toad  +   961d ago
Yeh I think Gearbox just made sure Duke worked and that's it. I don't think they used their creativity department at all to get it out the door.

Quick service to allow the fans to see what could have been.
1upgamer99  +   961d ago
Gearbox was behind Duke Nukem, But also Halo:Combat Evolved, Brothers in Arms, Half Life, Counter Strike Condition Zero, 007 NightFire, Tony Hawk 3, Borderlands, I would say they create far more great games than bad.
DrRichtofen  +   961d ago
I definitely wanna pick this up for pc
Old McGroin  +   961d ago
Any idea when the Wii U version will be released?
ahronith  +   961d ago
Hey, yea...lets all be a bunch of dumb D-bags, and give disagrees to someone that is asking a very valid question. Its not even a statement or an opinion any of you asshats can disagree with.
Phoenix76  +   961d ago
Several issue i have here with both the title of this article and the game itself.

1. the title is miss leading. Stating that the game has gone gold will make some ppl belive that it has been reviewed (by a games reviewer not the manufactor) and given said gold rating! i.e.(9/10, 90%, etc, etc).
2. Given the fact that this game has been past from pillar to post, from one team to another, then another, for more than 5yrs now, i am skecptical about how well this game will actually be.
But that said, i do live in hope that it will be at least be a half enjoyable co-op game.
Perjoss  +   961d ago
cut and pase...

"When a game is said to have "gone gold," it means that the code has been finalized and is ready to be duplicated for distribution. The term goes back to the days when recordable CDs were manufactured using gold film, leading the source CD to be called the "golden master." Unlike the music industry, it is not a reference to the number of copies sold. It will typically take several weeks for a game to ship to stores and become available to consumers after it has gone gold."
Bathyj  +   961d ago
Its not the titles fault YOU dont know what going gold means.
Parasyte  +   961d ago
Got my copy pre-ordered. Can't wait! It can't be worse than AvP. Can it?
LOL_WUT  +   961d ago
I think i'm the only one who actually enjoyed AvP around here. I too can't wait to play this game.
ACEMANWISE  +   961d ago
I can't believe how fast the time went. I need to preorder this game so I can get the movie character bonus pack!
Bathyj  +   961d ago
Fast? Really?

This game was supposed to release this time last year. Oh well, I'm just happy its nearly here.
MizTv  +   961d ago
I want it now!!!!!!
myproffs  +   961d ago
hot the game will be good
Kingdom Come  +   961d ago
As I said yesterday: When the game was initially announced back in 2008, I was undeniably hyped, it was originally a highly tactical, squad-based FPS (Think Rainbow Six in Space with Alien's Horror Atmosphere), you issued commands to your 3 AI Companions, requesting them the weld doors shut, guard doorways, vents, floor panels etc, also, there was a great co-operative gameplay mechanic where if playing campaign with a friend you each command one of the two remaining AI companions, giving the second player equal experience to the host.

However, due to Gearbox's shifting focus towards the recently acquired Duke Nukem franchise and then with development of the much requested Borderlands sequel, this game became forgotten about, and, it would seem unfortunately, in order to release it prior to the next generations arrival, it's been stripped down to a bland, generic shooter.
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antz1104  +   960d ago
So are you repeating your boring, speculative comment because nobody bit your flame bait? The level of detail I've heard Gearbox went through to provide the fanbase with a canonized story (ie interviewing Ridley Scott) hardly seems like its been forgotten.

If you don't want it, dont play it. And by all means stop crying. The rest of us will be playing our "generic shooter".
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J86blum  +   961d ago
No interest. four years ago in Game informer this looked epic. amazing graphics, very tight 4 player team co-op with talk of you not going off alone or you will die. now its just meh looking from the character models, to well everything else really. as said above just another run and gun with stylized characters(which is dumb, sorry running around in a bandanna and a tank top...no.)

Gearbox's credit is dropping with this, and sorry they should not of put their name on Duke Nukem, that project was dead in the water. All it did was tarnish their name even more.

Simply compare the graphics alone from Gearbox's Aliens Colonial Marines vs. four years ago. World of diffrence in graphics. I've wanted a game like this since playing AVP on the PC years ago, then game informer coverd ACM and was stoked looked insane, and sounded series and amazing. And well now I mean....looks like crap. plays like another FPS.

Out of being a hardcore Aliens fan, and wanting to continue the story is really the only reason i'll be picking this up. When its under 40.00 dollers.

Does it even feature Story mode 4player co-op anymore? I know that was in the pre-gearbox version. But all these multiplayer trailers now just show off game modes.
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doomtrain  +   961d ago
yes dude , 4player co-op through the entire single player campaign :)
pre ordered the collectors edition yesterday , STOKED.
J86blum  +   961d ago
REALLY? well looks fword to something. I read what pre-orders are out there and I liked the one which gives you re-skins to the movie characters Hudson, Hicks, Drake, and Apone.

Hudson for the win. im so going to yell, GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!
Adolph Fitler  +   960d ago
I was looking forward to this game, but my latest Aussie PS mag noted some glaring faults & didn't rate there preview of it, as high as I expected they would. Things like the alien blood not working like acid & other problems. It seems they have gone all out with there attention to detail on some things, then not bothered where it counts.
I'll wait for reviews, as there's enough to buy from now until March.
If it gets great reviews, maybe I'll buy PS3 version.

Then again, maybe they are waiting to see what happens with the reviews, before advancing with the Wii-U version too far, so then they may do a bit of a Ninja Gaiden 3 spruce up, & fix as many of the complaints & bugs as possible. Then I'll get the Wii-U version if it's up to scratch.
They did say the weapons looks, sounds & overall feel is very accurate though.....but on saying that, all they would have had to do is copy & paste from Aliens vs Predator for that.
specsmatter  +   959d ago
Yes blatant complaints have been

1)Horrible character animations and stiff control
2) Aliens that are basically just bullet sponges
3)Great back drops and detail to scenery but a shiny plastic look that makes things look fake.

Well see how this all pans out and ill find out when i purchase it, unless too many ppl complain about stiffness and such.

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