Helghast - The Most Hated Good Guys That We Should Play As

Premier Gaming Network - Throughout all the Killzone titles we are prompted to take up arms against our very own brothers, the Helghast. Thought to be the most dangerous villains known to universe, the Helghast true ambitions were no more harmless than what was already occurring on Earth. Their untold back story is what truly makes them gaming most hated good guys.

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Ezz20131951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

i always wanted to play as Helghast they are badass
every time i play KZ2 or 3
i feel how much dangerous and smart those guys can get
i always take my time before i attack because the AI in those games is incredible
i would love to play as them from the beginning

jimbobwahey1951d ago

I think that allowing the player to play as the Helghast would be a tremendous waste, personally. The reason being that the Helghast are a brilliantly designed enemy and if you actually got to play as them, fighting the ISA would be terribly dull in comparison.

Of course, if they eliminated the ISA from the story completely and plunged the player into some kind of Helghast civil war then that would be great, but pulling them away from the spotlight to let the player take control of one would be a big waste in my opinion.

Sure you might think it would be cool, but who wants to go through a game fighting against the dull ISA all the time?

morganfell1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I would love to see Killzone 4 with the player as the lead character - the daughter of Visari and leader of the Elite Shock Commando Troop Alpha - Visari's Fist, returning from the southern polar region to avenge her father. You begin on Helghan wiping out the invaders and then infiltrate deep onto Vekta to take out the C3I of Vektan command. No mercy, no prisoners, no regulations, and no master save death itself.

TheFreak1951d ago


Couldn't agree more. Helghast civil war would be awesome.

bluetoto1951d ago


agree with the civil war idea, would be awesome, disagree playing as the helghast would be dull.

After 3 games playing as the ISA it's getting really hard finishing the game playing as the A-holes. Many would'nt have any problems gunning down thousands of isa as we all do in the MP.

Not caring whether ANY of your teammates or commrades lives or dies is dull. listening to the same normal voices, looking at the same pale faces over and over is dull.

best part of kz3 was the little section you played in disguise and got a lil behind the door look at how they do things, even for just a bit. but maybe that's just me lol

G20WLY1951d ago

Bring on Killzone Mercenary on Vita! That way you can fight for the ISA or Helghast, so everyone will be happy! :)

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showtimefolks1951d ago

i would love to have a 2 side single player story to see both sides struggles

Skips1951d ago





Irishguy951951d ago

Had a little session of Killzone 2 multi there. Glad to see there are still people playing it, the last time I tried I couldn't get a game.

LackTrue4K1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Hell ya!!! I was playing that game a year ago (miss it) Now im on Killzone 3 I'm on the last level playing on hardests difficulty. When I came back to play it. I dropped my jaw at how great the game still looks.

Solans Scott1951d ago

I agree. Would be great if it happened in killzone 4.

remanutd551951d ago

I think Killzone Mercenary will let us play as Isa and Helghast too

Nitrowolf21951d ago

eh I thought we were just Mercenaries? Not actually playing from their perspective, just taking jobs

remanutd551951d ago

I think i read an article about picking sides but im not sure.

TooTall191951d ago

Yeah you play as Mercs and do missions for both sides.

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The story is too old to be commented.