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Why 'FTL' Is Better Than Pretty Much Every Other AAA Space Sim Out There

Space simulations are a difficult genre to get into. Games like "Freelancer" and "X:3" and "Evochron Mercenary" are games that have SO many dimensions to them, it's simply too much to handle for most players. Shields must be re calibrated, power generators must be tweaked and redistributed, weapons need upgrading, bay doors need opening and closing, weight must be watched, be careful not to overheat your kinetic whatever launchers - all in the middle of an active battle.

There is just so much to do - so many fragile variables to keep in mind. When it's done right, you feel like a godd#mn Captain Kirk - but most of the time you just end up frustrated and feeling like a loser in a computer chair, rather than a Commander at the helm of the ship. (FTL: Faster Than Light, PC)

ATi_Elite  +   955d ago
Seriously like a billion people play this darn game.

Next time someone says graphics don't matter then point them to FTL. it's fun and addictive with NO eye burning graphics.

Simple Plain but entertaining!
ElementX  +   955d ago
If you want a real space sim, play Eve Online. I started just over a month ago and I love it. Real economy, real dangers from NPC and player pirates. Mine, manufacturer, sell your products... it's amazing!
Perjoss  +   955d ago
EVE Online is an amazing game, I have not touched it for years now but I played it from the start of beta and for a few years after that. There really is nothing like it. Single server and a fully player run economy.

oh and...

FTL <3
RuperttheBear  +   955d ago
X3 is also an excellent space sim, albeit a single player experience.
Tyre  +   955d ago
Looks like a cool Space Sim. I loved Star Control 2, i have to check this game out!
MrAnderson  +   955d ago
There's not many space sims period, eve online is the only other noteable one I can think of off the top of my head.
hylandpad  +   955d ago
It tends to be a pretty niche market. I listed a couple in the article.
Spookshow  +   955d ago
FTL = For the lose! lol
Phoenix76  +   955d ago
Cant wait for Star Citizen and ELITE Dangerous to come out :D
hylandpad  +   955d ago
Star Citizen is going to rock this world. It's gonna be crazy good.
Hydralysk  +   955d ago
FTL was great but sadly nothing comes close to the days of FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2. No trading, no open galaxy to explore, just a tight plot about a war for survival against overwhelming odds combined with intense dogfights.

I did love that one of the FTL ships was called the Shivan and even had their color scheme.
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TukkerIntensity  +   955d ago
I like X3 better but FTL is awesome and my favourite game from last year.

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