What Do You Think of the Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer?

1UP - CD Projekt RED unveils their follow-up to The Witcher 2, but you'll have to wait years to play it.

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hylandpad1891d ago

2015 does sound like a long way - but they also released the Witcher 2 trailer years before release. I think we both know that was worth the wait.

ATi_Elite1891d ago

I hate teaser trailers but I know they gotta build up hype!

I'll just wait for a Gameplay Trailer!

showtimefolks1891d ago

i still want witcher 1 for consoles along with witcher 2 on ps3

but am very interested in cyberpunk 2077 whenever it comes out

Moncole1891d ago

If you game on one system you miss out on a bunch of games.

SuperLupe1891d ago

One of the rare teaser trailers that got me excited lately. Makes me like the game already though I haven't seen any gameplay.

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