PS3 160GB slim models selling for $149 at select Best Buy stores

That's right folks. Some Best Buy stores is clearing out their inventory of 160GB PS3 slim models. They're selling them for $149.99, which is $100 off the price they were going for last year.

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Abash1766d ago

.... What? They are obviously getting rid of the older PS3 model units because they aren't getting attention with the PS3 Super Slim. They are just giving the latest PS3 more shelf-room

LOGICWINS1766d ago

Correct. But what does that have to do with the PS4 incoming?

AznGaara1765d ago

I literally JUST bought a slim the other day -_-. My 60gb couldn't wait another week to YLoD.

kreate1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I can't find one for that price. Which store is it?

EDIT: a few stores in Texas .......

black9111765d ago

I still have my phat 80gig runs perfectly. If it does everbreak I'll get the old slim.