The Club - RPS Verdict: Four Thumbs Down

Rock Paper Shotgun has been trying to work out a way to do something a little more like reviews on RPS for a while, without actually doing anything as boring as that. They've come up with this: The RPS Verdict. The idea is simple. They take a recently released game that most of us have played and just have a little chat about it. Those who haven't played it act like an interested party, asking whatever questions come to mind. Then, at the end, they pose a single question to the panel: Would you buy it? Also, add jokes to season, as is their wont, and lob up here.

They thought they'd start this new tradition with the recently-released shooter, The Club.

RPS verdict:

Jim: Thumb Down
John: Thumb Down
Alex: Thumb Down
Kieron: Thumb Down

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