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Lavalamp1952d ago

Color me surprised! Who'da thunk we'd get the entire trinity? Can't wait to pick this up.

Spenok1950d ago


I am SOO glad I participated in those petitions. :D

BlackWolf1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

YES!!! I was so waiting for this. Thanks XSEED!!!
(man, i was about to cry...:D)

drizzom1952d ago

I still have to just pause and take in the fact that XSEED is a group of less than a dozen people! Yet they are still able to pull of localizations for games like this. These guys really do deserve a round of applause.

robparko1952d ago

Awesome news, a victory is Operation Rainfall.

CaptainN1952d ago

Thank God someone was listening to the fans.... Xseed, you do a great job listening to what gamers want localized and I applaud your efforts on this. Nintendo of America, you guys on the other hand need to wake the f*ck up !!! Your lack of bringing over hardcore games is rediculous and your marketing is atrocious. Follow what Nintendo of Europe and Japan are doing. Instead of bringing games like Fortune Street as a priority , a game like this should take precedence. Xseed, we could use Disaster Day of Crisis after this :)

Deff looking forward to Pandoras Tower.....hope we get the black case as well !

Jreca1952d ago

Congratz for american gamers!

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The story is too old to be commented.