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At first glance, some people may see Far Cry 3 as just another shooter, with just the same old guns we’ve seen time and time again, and a couple more “BOOMS” here and there. If you have not followed this game closely, let me be the first to tell you that is clearly not the case with this game.

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specsmatter1795d ago

Give this game like a 7.5 game is like most open world games. A game full of open empty space with hardly any enemies. Also repetitious missions and submissions.

Mp lol is very garbage with grainy graphics and annoying red lazer kill cam.

Yeah ubisoft is awesome on this one lol

It amazes me how reviewers nitpick other games and mark them down for either a weak sp or mp, but this one gets a pass even though it has a weak mp.

aquamala1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

you must like short linear corridor shooters, I recommend to you Uncharted or CoD

specsmatter1795d ago

I would choose a game like uncharted a hundred times over than this game. You talk about linear but dont talk about games like these that have empty worlds and are repetitious like hell "please drive from A to Z and drop so and so off" few minutes later same crap lol

I do prefer linear games over most open world games that are repetitious but theirs a few open world games that do it right. Infamous 2 is one of them and didnt feel repetitious at all.

But if your really curious i love action RPG games some of which feel like open world games but arent. Souls series is one of my fav. series hands down great places and so much to do and although grinding can get repetitious there is always something great to look forward too and awesome boss battles. It has the open world feeling but does so much more and their are enemies at every turn. Ive put over a 130 hours into dark souls and demon souls.

Dishonored is another game that can teach these games a few tricks and the pacing is always moving forward, not looking back doing the same crap over and over and visiting the same places!!!

CalvinKlein1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I think alot of my disagreement with reviewers comes down to enemy variation for me. Ive seen reviewer criticism halo 4 for not having enough types enemies on a certain level or something, but then say it should be more like COD, a game where you shoot the same enemy over and over.

I can imagine this game would be the same, shooting the same guys with the same guns Ive used in tons of other games before. Some people prefer that, I prefer interesting weapons and at least some enemy variation in my games.

I feel like the more generic your game is the less harsh it gets reviewed, at least for FPS games. Reviewers seem to love shooting the same human enemies over and over with an AK or M4. If it has that the game can be fairly average and get a bunch of 9s. Show a bit of imagination with enemies or weapons and you will usually get rated more harshly. Unless of course it has an interesting art style or art direction, then the game can suck completely and get 9s all day. Cough limbo cough(not FPS but IMO overrated boring garbage taht would get 5s if it wasnt all black and white. I love side scrollers but want some gameplay and fun not jsut a few lite platforming segments for me to give a game a 9 or 10. Shadow complex has similar review to limbo but shits all over it in fun, gameplay, design, work put in).

HSx91795d ago

the multiplayer is horrific. I used to play Farcry 2 everyday and would make maps on it 24/7 because the online community was good.

I bought Farcry 3 without even thinking because I thought I would experience even better gameplay online. Boy was I wrong, they downgraded everything and made everything worse. I already sold this game on ebay and im glad I did.

Perjoss1795d ago

After reading some of your comments I can see exactly why you don't like FC3, typical Sony fanboy that has nothing but negative things to say about anything that isn't related to Sony. Sorry man but you're not even a true gamer, learn to broaden your horizons and not take this 'console war' nonsense so seriously.

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Hufandpuf1795d ago

Only half the game is playable. Custom maps are useless and the multiplayer sucks so bad.

I'd give it a 7.

aquamala1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

so if the game doesn't have multiplayer you would rate the game higher? that makes no sense. to me MP in this game is a throwaway like in Uncharted 3 or Bioshock 2, but that doesn't affect how I think of the single player.

and for those of you saying the game is repetitive, hard to make a 30+ hours long game not repetitive doesn't it? would you like the game more if it's shorter then? how about you stop playing after 10 hours, it would then just be like other 10 hour long games.

Blastoise1795d ago

Uncharted 3's multiplayer isn't "throwaway"

JoGam1795d ago

@ aquamala...Uncharted 3 MP is a throwaway? Is that a joke? Please please oh please, tell me what you consider to be a non-throwaway MP game?

BattleAxe1795d ago

How are the custom maps useless? I'm making a map right now, and the map editor is every bit as good as it was in Far Cry 2. Infact I don't remember being able to make caves and tunnels in the FC2 map editor, so I guess this one is even a bit better.

Hufandpuf1794d ago

Good luck trying to play it with other people. It's not like in Far Cry 2 where you could make a lobby and random people could join and download your map. You have to submit your map to a playlist (where thousands of other custom maps are) and hope that yours gets played, which is a 1/10,000 chance by now.

-MD-1795d ago

I agree with the above 2 posts, it's pretty overrated. A 7-7.5 sounds perfect for FC3.

It gets super repetitive about halfway through. I didn't bother with multiplayer because it looked like a Call of Duty rehash.

specsmatter1795d ago

Yeah man i just dont get it. I had the same exp. with a few Assn Creed games so repetitive and boring.

The mp isnt even nowhere as good as say a COD. Idk it just feels off and looks terrible. I tried to enjoy it but couldnt.

Im glad im not the only one that feels this game isnt all that.

Bubbles up for you and huf and puff

vlonjati771795d ago

I like this game(im a sp gamer) havent even tried the MP.I didnt buy it my nephey buys 3-4 games each week so maybe if I bought it $60 than maybe I would excpect more ,i dont know.

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