Rarest (and most valuable) current-gen games

GamesRadar - You’ve got to want to play these pretty badly to pay this much.

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Snookies121734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Actually found a Metroid Prime Trilogy in its original casing at a Gamestop... Couldn't pass that up lol!

darthv721734d ago

back in the day. I thought, i already have the first two and just needed the 3rd. wow was i wrong to pass that up. Now I'd be lucky to find one without it costing me my 1st born.

figuratively speaking of course.

MikeMyers1734d ago

I almost bought a used copy of Chrono Trigger for $150 a few years ago. It came with everything.

SilentNegotiator1734d ago

Battle for Middle-earth II, $60-$180?? I never would have guessed that would accumulate in price. Glad to have a copy; textbook money. Or maybe I'll hold on to it and let it get more rare....IDK.

Calm Down Sunshine1733d ago

Lol.. I've got 3 copies... Would never have thought that it'd worth so much.

IAmLee1733d ago

Spread out over 19 pages... no thanks..

GuyThatPlaysGames1733d ago

Still got my Black Label Final Fantasy 7 :) Worth a good bit!!

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RogueStatus281734d ago

That's why everyone should get 2 copies of Pandora's Tower.

Snookies121734d ago

Shhh! Don't tell people, or else it won't be rare. D:

Merrill1734d ago

Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition.

eferreira1733d ago

have it sealed with the pre order bonus and a sealed metroid prime tilogy

Jek_Porkins1734d ago

The first Mass Effect Collectors Edition for Xbox 360 goes for over $100 regularly. Then there are some like the Killzone 3 Collectors Edition which I got new for $35 from Sony's site directly.

That Metroid Prime Trilogy is tough as heck to find at a decent price.

helghast1021734d ago

I picked up Metroid Prime Trilogy a few weeks ago.. for £8.
Not bad eh?

Snookies121734d ago

Hah! Best hold on to that sucker then. Great snag at that price.

FriedGoat1734d ago

The value will most likely only apply to the US versions of the game. As the case with every other system, The PAL region has different valuable games.

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The story is too old to be commented.