The Wii U Has the Potential to Kill the 3DS

Gi - Nintendo broke a combo that the video game industry had built itself around over the past decade or so. They released a console during a time when it already had a home console that was still performing pretty well, and at a time when no competitor had a rival console on the horizon. A conscientious decision to set itself apart. Nintendo has proved to us with the Wii that new ideas on how to play and develop games (motion controls and touch screens) are useless if they don’t have new ideas on how to market and sell them (embracing more family and casual markets).

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chukamachine1887d ago


If you only bought the 3DS for playing indoors, your an idiot.

It's a mobile device for mobile gaming.

WII-U is a home device for gaming.

raiden-491887d ago

the 3ds is for anywhere you mean and there no need to attack people over a 3ds being used at home.

darthv721887d ago

I dont see that happening. i would venture that nintendo has been toying with the idea of adapting the 3ds(xl) as a type of control interface with the wii-u.

So those who have a 3ds can use it to control wii-u games but not to transfer wii-u games to the 3ds like it can with the gamepad.

Unless they improved the download and play service for the 3ds and wii-u interoperability.

Snookies121887d ago

I use my 3DS and Vita at home... Handhelds, especially the Vita are too expensive these days to go running around with in my opinion. What if it gets stolen, or lost? Shoot, my Vita with a 32 GB memory card is the equivalent of around 350 US dollars, not to mention if a game is in there it's around 390.

Yes there are times when I take them out, but primarily it's nice to be able to sit back in bed and play them at any time. So, if you insist on calling me an idiot for that, by all means do it. I'm just trying to be practical here.

TongkatAli1887d ago

Be careful and you won't lose it. Don't let anyone suspicious you don't know play it and you should be fine. I saw this kid get his 3DS robbed on the train, right when the doors open, he snatched it from this preteen and ran off, really F up.

TENTONGUN1887d ago

i dont take my vita out much. acually had strangers ask to use it. what a bunch of fkn morons for asking.

Anon19741887d ago

Sometimes with these articles, all you can do is facepalm and move on.

CalvinKlein1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

I use my vita almost only at home, am I a moron too? Because trying to play a handheld outside in the sun is alot more stupid. I guess you mean people who play it away from home and not outdoors because playing in the sun sucks.

I dont see how the wiiu can kill the 3ds when the thing has already sold 10 million in Japan alone.

profgerbik1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )


Unfoturnetely life is not as simple as just being careful. Who isn't careful with a piece of a equipment that cost over $200+..

Someone robs you gun point being careful isn't going to do much you can either risk getting shot or hand it over. Countless situations like that, no matter how careful you are some things just can't be avoided.

Say just be careful when three men kick open your door with shotguns shoved in your mouth. It's happened to me, home invasions are no joke, not like my door was wide open either they just completely kicked it open.

No being careful for that and I could tell the shotguns weren't fake either.. So like I said you try being careful in situations like that where being careful makes literally no difference.

Anything can happen, that is about as prepared as anyone can ever be. Just knowing that anything can happen so be prepared for the worst when it does.

WiiUsauce1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

lol, the Wii U won't kill the 3DS. I have a 3DS and I play it regularly at home, and at work on my breaks, and while I'm driving to run errands (not really, just kidding).

I have a Wii U, 360, and a PS3 for when I want to game on my big screen in my room upstairs. But when I'm downstairs chilling on the couch with my family, I play my 3DS with my legit Bose headphones, and also when I'm about to dose off in my bed like reading a good book, but better, cause games kick books' ass.

they both have a place for use in the home. The 3DS is a more versatile machine, more than capable of console like experiences like MGS Snake Eater 3D, and I love the fact that I can play it in any room in my house.

I would not want to play games on my Wii U gamepad, because the resolution is quite honestly, quite bad. Plus the farthest the gamepad can reach in my house is thankfully to my bathroom upstairs and that's it. Why would I sacrifice how good a game can look by playing it on a low resolution small 6 inch screen when I can play the game on my 42 inch Samsung HDTV with surround sound speakers?

the only game I play on the gamepad is Black Ops 2 online while I'm taking a dump, because I don't really care about the graphics in that game, unless I'm playing the campaign, then I'll play it on the big screen.

In short, both types of gameplay experience are vital to a gamer in my opinion. I've loved the convenience of handheld gaming since I was 10 when I first got my Game Boy Color, and have been a fan of portable gaming ever since.

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Theyellowflash301887d ago

No it doesn't. There is a clear line of 3DS software and Wii U software. One is mobile, the other isn't. And is this only in the US? Cause there is no way in hell this would happen in Japan.

EddieNX 1887d ago

This. It's the other way round

I see the wiiu selling 50M+ in 6 years and the 3DS 100M+ , not exactly kiling the 3DS. In japan the wiiu will be lucky to get past 10M in 6 years and the 3DS is already on that figure in less than 2.

crazy_man1887d ago

*Looks at 3DS's record breaking sales*

Um no.

I love my Wii U and my 3DS...but.....just no.

deafdani1887d ago

You can't take your Wii U with you to play anytime, anywhere.

Also, development costs for Wii U games are considerably higher than for 3DS games, so there's that appeal for making games for the 3DS, as well.

Regarding the games coming this year... we're barely staring 2013, so we don't know how the release calendar will pan out for the 3DS yet.

Lastly, but most important: Nintendo has always made sure to make unique gaming experiences for their handhelds, in order to differentiate them from their home consoles. By making sure both products offer different experiences, they make sure both products are successful. And everyone knows that Nintendo's first party games will play a BIG card in said success for both platforms, so I don't see them dropping the ball on Wii U, and much less on the 3DS.

So, no... Wii U won't be a 3DS killer at all.

kirbyu1887d ago

I still don't see the point to the Circle Pad Pro.

I don't think it matters there's a bunch of shovelware. If there was less shovelware, there wouldn't be more good games.

The reason they're not doing that 3DS to Wii U thing is because not everyone has a 3DS.

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