Someone Made A Game In Which You Shoot The Head Of The NRA

Kotaku: A member of the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums has created a game called Bullet to the Head of the NRA, a rudimentary first-person shooter that lets you shoot NRA boss Wayne LaPierre.

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BattleAxe1957d ago

Funny how the anti-gun owners seem to be more violent than the gun owners.

RememberThe3571957d ago

I wouldn't make that generalization. It's just as dumb as the one that all gun owners are violent people. (no offence)

doctorstrange1957d ago

The guy in that video is creepy

ATi_Elite1957d ago

and knowing just how looney the NRA is I'm sure the game will be on the NRA website as a fundraiser activity for kids.

I'm all for the 2nd amendment but the NRA is run by a bunch of looney Tunes who pander to the weirdos and milk them of their cash!

Megaton1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Modern NRA only represents gun manufacturers and exists to instill fear in the gun-toting idiots who somehow think their AR-15 will help them against a drone in the event of the American government turning on its citizens militarily, which they also believe will happen any day now.

They're too crazy to handle the responsibility of gun ownership, and ironically they own the most of them.

TheNocturnus1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Seriously, you have no idea what you are talking about Megaton.

Edited because I am an idiot.

Megaton1957d ago


Born and raised in the US. I've never even been outside of the country.

TheNocturnus1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Why did I think you lived in the UK then? Sorry, my mistake then. But you still don't know much about the NRA. They are not all crazy idiots, just a few of them are. They just happen to be the vocal ones you always hear about.

joab7771957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

What r u talking about? If u can promise me that tyranny will never breach our shores and that our liberties will never be taken from us, I will give u my guns. But u cannot. Now, if ppl had to be rounded up and were not armed, it's case closed. If they have assault rifles, semi autos, shotguns and sniper rifles, it gets a lot more difficult. U speak about our military's drones and superior tech. So Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many ops should have been so easy for our military. Hell, destroying the enemies tanks, air force and large weapons was easy. It makes a huge difference. Now, I am not saying that it will happen anytime soon, but give up our guns and the odds increase. Ask Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all those who took guns from their people. Over the last 30 yrs there has been 100 million more guns and half the gun violence. All but 1 mass shooting since ww 2 was committed in a gun free zone. More criminals each year are killed by civilians than cops with a lower error rate. And Obama's proposed changes, Cuomo' s changes wouldn't have stopped Adam Lanza from the evil he committed. We blame crazy people for going crazy but give a pass to legislators for taking away our right to protect ourselves from crazy ppl. Chicago has very strict guns laws and one of the highest gun violence rates. And what about the guy who murdered 70 kids over an hour because no one was allowed to have a gun. He was sentenced to 18 yrs. It's insanity to punish law abiding citizens. Criminals will still get the weapons they want and crazy ppl will choose a new way to kill innocents and others will see it on tv and copy it.

SKUD1957d ago

Fugtrup brought me here.

ElectricKaibutsu1957d ago


"More criminals each year are killed by civilians than cops with a lower error rate."

This is why people on both sides will never be able to agree. You see: more dead criminals = good. I see: more dead Americans = bad.

I don't know what would be best in the long run. It's a complicated issue. I find it very, very hard to believe America will be taken over by a tyrant. But I'll admit the Germans, Russians and others wouldn't have thought it was possible either. So, it's at least possible. Now is that possibility worth the incredibly high gun violence rate in America? I would say no. You might disagree. I doubt I can change your mind on that possibility, as you wouldn't be able to change mine.

The other half of the coin: Americans should have guns because criminals (who are also Americans, I should remind you) have guns. I can't buy this at all. Criminals and non criminals all buy their guns at the same stores. Criminals don't go to Criminal-mart. The only difference between a criminal and you and me is the criminal is probably very, very poor. Just because a guy robs a 7-11 does not give him ties to a black market for guns. Let's take a look at Japan, which I know pro-gun people hate doing, but bear with me. Admittedly there is absolutely gun violence there. It's very rare of course and is almost always Yakuza related, since they are the ones connected enough to get guns. The people that rob other people and convenience stores use knives; still a deadly weapon I admit. Still, until they perfect the semi-automatic knife, it is less deadly than a gun.

That's how I see it, anyway. I could be wrong.

About the article. The "game" is in bad taste.

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joab7771957d ago

Where is your proof? Yes, there are nuts on both sides as is proven by this article. How you act if u were an organization in a constant reactionary state because u are always under attack and facts are constantly twisted and deluged by emotion?

solar1957d ago

the best way to solve gun violence, is make a video game killing someone with a who believes in he 2nd amendment ammirte?

grayfoxx8811957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Megaton, you hit the nail directly on the head. The NRA is only concerned with spreading fear so people will buy weapons that are meant to be in the hands of soldiers. What do they get out of it? More money, and more influence. Anyone that denies that is living in a dream world.

Plenty of congressmen and senators are highly rated by the NRA. These politicians refuse to pass new gun law legislation, and the NRA drums up votes for them in return during election years. The NRA also runs a convincing smear campaign on politicians that look to change gun laws. Just look what the NRA did today because of the executive orders by the President.

I live in Michigan, and after the shooting in Newtown, gun shops here were selling out of assault rifles and ammunition, because people were afraid that gun laws were going to be revamped.

No one wants to take away all guns. That was never the point of this new legislation. Assault rifles need to be banned again, permanently. Clips need to be smaller in size, and background checks need to happen at gun shows and private dealers. No one needs to own an AK-47 or a high-caliber sniper rifle. And we all know people will get their hands on these if they want them badly enough, just not everyone will, and that's a start.

Things need to change. I thought people would have more sense after twenty children were murdered, but some continue spewing garbage pertaining to the Second Amendment or refer back to history they know nothing about. Or, like the comment above this one, continue to spread fear and insecurity to increase support.

So after all this, after everything that happened to those people, what does the NRA propose to combat gun violence? Yep, what a shocker, more guns. More money, more support for their organization.

TheObserver1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I seriously think it is you who live in the dream world, not us who see the world in a pragmatic way. The NRA is consisted of people like me, who are self-reliant and does not want Freedom to be infringe. Your freedoms as well. Have the Police protects everyone? Get real. They cannot and will not protects everyone. That is not even the real issue. The real issue is the Bill of Rights.

The NRA is a political lobbying group. Which means they represent views of its member. Members like me, who lives out their lives normally. Then the NRA reports back to its member if their representatives are doing their job of protecting their rights and addressing the constituents' grievances. If not, the member knows who not to support in the next election. But of course, you think everyone in the NRA is a nut job preparing for a civil war. Or that participating in the political process is bad. Get out of the kiddie mentality that "lobbying group" is evil, okay? Have you ever heard of "Unicef Lobbying Group", or "Stem Cells Research Lobbying Group"? They must be up to no good too, helping children and patients and all. Guess who was responsible for banning smoking in confined public places such as inside Airplanes. That's right, it was a lobbying group.

People are buying up guns because it is being banned to oblivion, you didn't notice that? And it is not just Michigan, my state of resident as well. It is called common sense. When the prohibition hits, people emptied the liquor stores and stock piled alcohol. And thus the US plunged into a period of organized crime. Learn some US history. And maybe read up on how the Jews were slaughtered. It was not instantaneous disarmament. First it was firearms registration in round 1, termination of sales round 2, round 4, round 5, round 100, whatever, until they are left defenseless. The new laws in the US is just a continuation of an endless battle. And more will come.

You guys keep saying "Assault Weapon" this and "Assault Rifle" that. "High-Caliber" this and "Armor Piercing" that. Haha! Please stop, your ignorance is showing. The only feature that is considered worthwhile to ban is full automatic and select fire weapons, but that have been banned FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY. Politicians are simply spoon feeding stupid people scary terms. In reality, they are trying to appear doing something while in reality doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All firearms in the US since WWII for civilian use have been mostly semi-autos. Meaning 1 trigger squeeze, 1 shot. The expensive restrictive full-auto firearms are never used in mass shootings at all. How come those still exist? Haha. Ban them all you want, the firearms that are in circulation will continue in circulation for generations to come. However, that will cause a class divide between the rich and poor. Eventually only the rich can buy expensive new or sparse firearms left and the poor are left powerless. The other extremes is criminals will be able to get them regardless of the law. So banning them is pointless. The Mexican Cartels are heavily armed despite an all out ban on firearms. Of course, people just don't want to see facts. Even now, Obama is protecting his family with Secret Service, the SS, who are armed. Yet, they aim to prevent us from protecting our family the same way. Ironic.

TheObserver1953d ago

You are misguided if you think the 2nd Amend. is for winning independence and controlling slaves. It is always have been an issue of safe guarding personal freedom against an oppressive government. And many Americans are never letting their guard down, calling us silly or paranoid wont stop us from trying to protect personal rights.

"Putting weapons in the hands of killers to comfort the fearful does not." Killers? You are accusing everyone who own firearms to be killers. That is like saying that everyone who owns a car is a drunk driver. Therefore, by your logic, cars should be banned.

Fear? Fear of what? The only fear is that new firearms will be so changed that they are like nerf guns when compared to pre-ban firearms. Such no as pistol grips, meaning they have to resort to weird pistol grips substitutes. In other words, the only fear is that the new cars can only run 60 MPH max if you drive backwards, so people are all buying cars that can go over 60 MPH normally now. I don't know what other fear you are referring to.

I am attempting to scare you with a boring history lesson? Why is it scary to you? Cause it is true? Are you a jew? Most likely not, but you are human who should be able to empathize. You should be able to understand that if a of people group don't have the same rights as the another group, they will suffer. Therefore, it is important to make sure that everyone have the same rights. You are supporting the fact that only certain people have the rights to firearms, supporting unfairness, supporting class divide. In the end, we are trying to preserve personal rights. As a reminder, we tell people of how the Jews was not able to protect theirs. Like a story of the boy who cries "Wolf", look at those who lies. As for us, look at the Jews who were not able to preserve their rights. And even if we are not the Jews in the story, we should never let that happen to any other group of people. Understand?

You don't understand "Assault Weapons" terminology at all. What constitutes an "Assault Weapon"? The real answer is no one knows, yet politicians have claimed to seen it. And they change the requirement every firearms banning attempts. First it was Machine Guns(IE 50 Cal Full-Autos), Full automatic rifles, SMGs. Now they are trying to ban Semi-Autos that looks "scary". You are a gamer so this analogy should be useful. Now they are trying to ban all semi-autos with scary weapons skins. Even if they succeed, firearms owners will just change the weapons skins and thus preserve the functionality. But we are not taking it lying down.

TheObserver1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

What is this superior accuracy and accessibility of "assault weapons" are you talking about? There are no such things. Here's an example. The Mini-14 and the Ar-15. One looks scary and the other doesn't. One is being banned, the other isn't. Shoots the same way, same bullets, same magazine, just looks differently. One is considered an "Assault Weapon" while the other isn't. You are being lead around by scary catch words.



TheObserver1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Therefore, people who see things like me must resist their infringement upon the bill of rights. They have been waiting forever for an incident like this to excite the angry mob. Give them an inch they will eventually take a mile. The only way for them to collapse the other Amendments, such as Free Speech, is to cripple the 2nd. You think that wont happen? Please follow world news. The People Republic of China secret police "inviting newspaper editor to tea" in middle of the night for publishing critical views of the government. You think we have a delusional fear of an oppressive government. Reality is, 1 BILLION people is living under a oppressive regime RIGHT NOW. And they don't have the 2nd Amendment or Free Speech. I don't want to see a Great Firewall of China censoring everything in the USA. They may not be able to touch the other Amendments right now, but round 100s, maybe they will. We simply don't want to go there.

You clearly don't understand the form and function of firearms, so don't speak further about it. And by the way, it is called a "magazine" not a "clip". That is a very basic thing you should know.

Things need to change, I agree. People are like an angry mob right now, reasons do not get through them. A new paradigm is forming in the balance of Gun Rights vs Anti Gun Rights. But not to the path of the "utopia" where everyone is safe you dream of. Get real. That is never going to happen. You speak of history as if you are an expert of it, but morons are fated to repeat its mistakes. If you are adamant that I am wrong, please enlightenment me on the history of oppression and how firearms pertains to it. Cause everywhere I read, oppressive regimes ban firearms. Forget 50, 40, 30, or 20 years old history. Looks to China to see a living example.

The NRA's solution is a perfect solution. Only people who refuse to see the real world don't approve of it. You dismiss it on emotional level, yet fail to come up with a real action plan. Ever heard of Federal Flight Marshals? They are on every airplane since 9/11, in disguise as a passenger. Armed with firearms of course. Furthermore, now the pilots are also armed. The US never saw an airplane high jack ever again. Do I have to explain how that might be applied to schools and teachers without massive costs?

The crazy solution is to ban all guns. Impossible to do unless you burn the US Constitution, the very foundation of the USA. Illegal searches and seizures of everyone's firearms, which is prevented by the Bill of Rights. That would start a civil war, LITERALLY. But we know which side will win that one. Luckily, vast majority of gun owners love the rule of law and order except for a few crazies who wants a civil war. Obama's Executive orders spits in the face of rule and order, totally bypassing the legislative process of Congress. You people are strangely okay with that. Here we are, patiently writing letters to Senator and Reps and you call the NRA evil. On the other, a dictatorship like order, bypassing the law making and voting process is being cheered on. So funny and so sad.

grayfoxx8811956d ago

LOL. Okay. Where to start first? I figured at least one person would respond to my comment by going off of the deep end, so that person must be you.

The real issue is the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment. I totally agree. It was adopted in 1791, and is completely outdated and irrelevant in our society today. Guns are no longer single-shot weapons with long reload times, and as a country we have not recently won our independence from Great Britain, and we no longer need slave patrol militias in our southern states.

Alrighty. I'll try to keep this relatively short, but you decided to put a lot of words in my mouth. I never stated that EVERYONE in the NRA is a nut job preparing for civil war, just you and several other people. Banning smoking and promoting stem cell research is the result of lobbying groups, but those are two things that help improve our society. Putting weapons in the hands of killers to comfort the fearful does not.

People are buying guns because of fear, not because they're being banned into oblivion. New legislation that was proposed on gun control has a small chance of being passed in the Senate, but has no chance of being passed in the House. Nothing has been banned, nor likely will anything be banned.

Wow, look at you! Prohibition, eh? You're so smart! I stopped taking your comments seriously after you started talking abut the prelude to the Holocaust. It succeeded because it consisted of very gradual change, it was also very well-planned and executed. Some Jews knew what was going to happen, and would explain this to their respective communities. They didn't act because it sounded too unbelievable, not because "the nazis took guns away from the Jews." I understand what you are trying to say, but it is not at all relevant in our society today. Again ladies and gents, the attempted use of fear.

Yes, I know about semi-automatics. These types of guns have not slowed down the shootings that have happened, so they are a danger. Assault weapons are known for their accuracy and accessibility, I think that the public is aware that fully automatic weapons are banned as well.

Yes, we know banning certain types of guns will not take them out of circulation for several years, but there has to be a starting point for this somewhere. So, by your logic, if the effects of banning something are not immediate, we should do nothing? Sure, some criminals will still be able to get them, but not all criminals. Certainly not a socially-isolated 20-year-old with Aspergers by the name of Adam Lanza. And I think the President's family is prone to attracting more hostile attention than yours or mine, so the protection is absolutely justified. He's the President for God's sake. I don't even know why you brought tha....oohhhh....that silly NRA commercial...gotcha.

The fact that you think more guns in schools is a good idea rather than addressing the real problem is disturbing, and not realistic at all. The executive orders do not address the major changes to gun law legislation, again, that has to go through the Senate and House.

It's a black and white issue for you, one extreme or the other with no grey area whatsoever. Absolutism is a dangerous road to go down, but you seem to embrace it willingly.

grayfoxx8811956d ago

One more thing for my last post. After my second post I read this opinion piece. I laughed because it described your views so well.

TheObserver1953d ago

We oppose banning firearms because it does not solves the issues. The real issues is societal. What happened to parenting and teaching your kids that it was not okay to murder people? What we can do immediately is reduce the occurrence of such massacres is increasing security. However, our answers seems mad to you and you rather wait for months to let politicians get off their butts to finally solves.... NOTHING. I would like to hear your solution, some how you think that banning stuff helps.

So you are okay with having the rich and poor. Elites and peasants. One can defend themselves, the other can't. Gotcha. You have a weird sense of fairness and equality. All hail the politicians, the celebrities, the rich. Bow down to them. They have more rights than us.

CNN? Seriously? If you want to go that way, the way they describe video games and video gamers must be right too. Why don't you go outside and destroy all your violent video games for the greater good, okay? Forget parenting, that solves nothing.

drsfinest721957d ago

So ya mean to tell me that Obama could sign 23 executive orders on gun bans and gun control within school. Meanwhile Obama daughtehave armed guards at their school... I call hypocrisy

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