Study: Players feel better dying than killing others in FPS

An article in the February issue of the Emotion journal (published by American Psychological Association) presents some strange findings regarding players' emotional reactions to killing and being killed in a first-person shooter (FPS). In the experiment, a group of students played James Bond 007: Nightfire (Super Monkey Ball II was used as a control) while their facial expressions and physiological activity were tracked and recorded moment-to-moment via electrodes and various other monitoring equipment. Conventional FPS wisdom would suggest that players like shooting enemies and dislike getting shot. The research findings, however, paint a different picture.

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LinuxGuru3920d ago


This story couldn't be more wrong.

I feel GREAT when I pick somebody off with a headshot in CS: Source.


When I die in games, it's usually followed immediately by intense sessions of curse-word spouting and fists pounding the nearest soft object (or in unfortunate cases.....hard objects...ouch).

RecSpec3920d ago

Your comment made me think of something. I think there would be a difference in their findings if they compared single-player with multiplayer. Killing a bot and killing another human player are two different things.

Panthers3920d ago

It also results in broken controllers, broken headsets, and in one instance, a hole in the wall (i seriously did not think i would put a hole in the wall when I punched it)

I spent so much money on Socom for headsets. At least $100 probably more.

Martini3920d ago

Anger management 101 for you my friend.
If you leave your emotions out of it you will play a lot better - coldbloded calculated SOB is what you want to be.. :)

socomnick3920d ago

Yea for me its the opposite I get extremely angry when I get killed then again I got anger issues.

hotshot1273920d ago

the person isnt good and im not trying on them and then when they beat me, they leave the game and start trash talking. THATS when i get pissed but im still good at controlling my anger.

as long as my opponent puts up a challenge, if he beats me..........................go od for them.

Slayer OP3920d ago

I dont like dying. I prefer to kill the player. Maybe that makes be evil or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.