Uncharted 3 Going Free-To-Play? Announcement Soon, QA Hints, And New Lab Update

Premier Gaming Network - Last month, Naughty Dog teased about a huge announcement coming to the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer. While no details have been released so far, Naughty Dog has revealed that in a couple of days we will know, and even leaving hints of what it may be.

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Nitrowolf21951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

This would be great news if true. I just hope it's not something like new clothing and taunts, considering Naughty Dog Hype with it. Would not mind The Last of Us multiplayer skins :) or even Beta access

TheGamerDood1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I wish UC2 MP would go F2P, to me it was the perfect 3PS.

Septic1950d ago

Dunno why everyone is disagreeing. He did call it ages ago.....if this is true that is.

DOMination-1950d ago

I disagreed because i don't think ones smugness over a silly little prediction adds anything to the discussion

Lior1950d ago

Single player as well?

Irishguy951950d ago

A free multiplayer trail you mean. F2P games are not the same as trials. Dunno how the press got that one mixed up

aquamala1950d ago

free to play til level 10 lol

abzdine1950d ago

multiplayer in 3D is great.

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r211951d ago

If its free 2 play, Im going to have to hold up on buying the GOTY edition of U3 then. Will wait till its confirmed though.

Software_Lover1951d ago

Why wait? Go ahead and buy the game. The FTP portion will only be for the multiplayer.

r211951d ago

Well, if the MP is coming out, then I wont need to buy it unless theres like huge block outs like the KZ3 thing. I just miss playing the MP part of the game. Also, Im trying to save cash for to be released games and as much as i wanna get back into Uncharted again, I'd rather play something new this year like Ni No Kuni or DmC.

Nitrowolf21951d ago

yeah if you haven't SP, then don't skip out

Crazyglues1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

You know if this is true this might get me back on playing Online... would be cool to just have it on the hard-drive and not have to put in the disc...

Haven't played the multi-player in awhile but if it's true I'll definitely get back on..


LackTrue4K1951d ago

All this gives stronger fans/customers for Sony!! More people/public will see all this jump on the ps4 when Release!! A smart move from Sony!!

ginsunuva1951d ago

Not sure if stealth trolling...

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shahrukh3391951d ago

I am an xbox owner and have never played unchartered.. but i know it is awesum and so will the last of us be...

I think this going free to play is the right time to pick a ps3...

BDW... both Xbox360 and Ps3 rock.. wii on the other hand Meh...

ExCest1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Wii would like to have a word with you. *bows*

Myst1951d ago

The Wii was fun for Monster Hunter as well as Muramasa. It had it's moments would have been more enjoyable with an F-Zero title though :(

Septic1950d ago

Yeah what happened to F Zero X and the like?!

Imagine 30 players racing online!

hellvaguy1951d ago

Wont be the last discounted or free offer we'll see over the next few months. Due to new consoles being released in the fall.

Software_Lover1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It has nothing to do with console releases. Its just a format that has been thriving on the PC and is making its way onto consoles.

Global Agenda
Star Wars
APB reloaded
Planetside 2

Just to name a few thriving ftp games that I have spent money in.

hellvaguy1951d ago

Uncharted 3 isn't out on the PC, so I don't really know where you went that at all. : (

Snookies121950d ago

Software_Lover is saying that PC has a lot of Free to Play multiplayer games. That being the cause behind Uncharted 3's supposed move to free multiplayer. Console companies want to jump on board that F2P model like the PC ones are doing.

MasterCornholio1950d ago

I agree that the Wii (not the Wii U even though i dont like the controller) is a terrible console.

Kos-Mos1950d ago

I`ve never played it either because I think I will be disappointed. Yes, that`s the truth believe it or not.

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XabiDaChosenOne1951d ago

I know people are going to clown me for this but I still have not played this game yet :-3 but man this rumor might make things difficult.
If it becomes free to play I would love that since that would mean I could hold of on the GOTY edition..kinda, but I still wanna play the campaign also :-( decisions decisions.

Software_Lover1951d ago

Uncharted is not know for its multiplayer....... is it?

Call me biased but there are only a few multiplayer games that I play a lot of. Uncharted 3 isn't one of them.

specsmatter1950d ago

Uncharted was initially known for its sp since part one didn't have an mp, but your wrong since UC2 the Uc series is known for its SP and MP. IF you go to Uc2 mp the lobbies are still full and Uc3 mp is played daily by thousands.

Uc3 is my go too mp exp. along with Starhawk and COD.

Imalwaysright1950d ago

No it isn't. CoD, Halo and BF are known for its multiplayer. Uncharted is known for its singleplayer.

Imalwaysright1950d ago

Im getting disagrees as if Uncharted being known for its singleplayer is something negative. Uncharted IS known for its singleplayer. All the awards that Uncharted got was because of the singleplayer campaign.

chukamachine1951d ago

I think the maps should be free for buyers of the game.

The system for mp is silly.

One map pack in front of another.

dgonza401950d ago

I think the micro transactions for stupid things like taunts and those hats is stupid. Full skins, maps, and game modes should be the only things to pay for.

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