Media Create hardware sales (1/7 - 1/13)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr1924d ago

wow, significant drop all around for Japan. Holidays are over..

auragenz1924d ago

Maybe they got the numbers wrong, or supply was limited and they just couldn't meet the overwhelming demand like we see here.

knifefight1924d ago

No, this happens every year in mid to late January. No supply issues or mistakes.

UltraVegito1924d ago

Dear god those sales are abysmal.

Expected after holiday sales but still :s

Jadedz1924d ago

It isn't, but Nintendo's definitely paying attention now.

They might be a little more ''on the ball,'' now that sales aren't great.

Gr811924d ago

Is your assessment of the Vita?

Knushwood Butt1924d ago

Vita needs some hit software, but it also still has heavy competition from the PSP too.

Knushwood Butt1924d ago

Also, it's outselling the Wii U in Europe.

Gr811923d ago

After a month or 2 Wii U will have passed vitas lifetime sales. Which is the bigger flop?

You are so quick to point out Wii U's sales performance being poor but Vita is doing worse but you seem optimistic about one and pessimistic on the other. Funny.

Knushwood Butt1922d ago

In Japan at least, the Vita isn't doing so well. Like I already said...

It has strong competition, not only from 3DS, which is a beast, but also from Sony's own PSP (like I already said).

In the short-term at least, I think Vita has a better chance of picking up in Japan with a few titles like Soul Sacrifice and Tales.

Wii U? Where is the upcoming software?

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AWBrawler1924d ago

If being nearly 1 mill away from Vita's Lifetime sales in just 2 months is DOA, WTF is the Vita. and realistically a handheld should outsell a console because you need more than one for multiplayer

chukamachine1924d ago

Wondering if the PS3 will get a boost from Ni No Kuni

GribbleGrunger1924d ago

I've been wondering that myself. I'm sure we'll see a slight boost but I don't think we'll see a significant spike. There are bundles though and a lot of people have been crying out for a great JRPG ... I wonder how many of those people already own a PS3 though. It would be nice to see a spike leading up to the release of Sly Cooper.

badz1491924d ago

It has been release a year ago in Japan.

knifefight1924d ago

"Wondering if the PS3 will get a boost from Ni No Kuni "


You mean in November of 2011, when it was released? :P

These charts are for Japan.

wiiulee1924d ago

wiiu doa...are you on drugs man...its been at the top of the charts....its was bound to go down at a point until the games are release.....wiiu is ahead to stay so relax..

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