Nintendo Wants Its Next “Next-Gen System To Turn Heads”

Satoru Iwata says that he want’s the next next generation console from Nintendo to really turn heads once it’s released.

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Septic1893d ago

A bit too early to talk about that no?

Unless of course, the Wii U is some sort of elaborate stop-gap for the next next generation which I doubt it is.

Muffins12231892d ago

Well its going to get out dated in 2 or so years..

Root1892d ago

If that happens third party support will drop from it one after another.

I want to know if they have a back up plan...because they must know this is going to happen

BattleAxe1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

This is further proof that Nintendo themselves know that this console will be in serious trouble within a year and a half. I can't wait to buy a PS4,

zeeshan1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Ok this statement from Nintendo is wayyyy to early to hand out like that. It's been what 2 months since the launch of Wii U (Please do correct me if I am wrong as I am not sure about it) and they are already discussing the next next gen console?

I don't own a Wii U and neither do I plan to get one but I hope it does well. We need all these big players to keep launching new consoles and be competitive. It only helps us, the consumers.

Horny1892d ago

I just bought a Wii u so I hope its here for a while. Nintendo needs to get their first party games out there and not worry about next gen for now. Wii u can succeed as long as Nintendo keeps its focus on it and the games are there.

Bowzabub1893d ago

My head is turned...toward getting a PS4 when it launches.

CraigandDayDay1892d ago

No I believe he just wants a PS4. lol Nothing wrong with that. I do too. I'm all for getting free online access to my already-bought $60 new game.

The Xbox will be good too, but it will be my secondary console if I do get one.

Ult iMate1892d ago

Not only PSN is free. PS+ is a steal also.

IAMERROR1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

If it was vice versa I would be getting tons of agrees lmao! N4G minds well brand this site as a sony one.

My original post was a joke, I think it's hilarious how the Sony fanboys (90% of the total pop here) have to bring up Sony in every Nintendo/Xbox article and leave negative comments. Get a grip bros, you're making Sony fans look as rampant as the blood on the dance floor fans.

PS4isKing_821892d ago

Lol Xbox The rip off machine.

zebramocha1892d ago

@iam your joke was not funny or clever.

IAMERROR1892d ago

Lol did I claim it was? It was more or less to prove a point

Well that was my last bubble, if anyone actually wants a response PM me. Doubt I'll get any, it's all about putting on show haha <3

zeeshan1892d ago

@IM: Then that just makes you a bitter, BITTER man and a troll may I add.

kayoss1892d ago

@iamerror... I think you spelled your name wrong it should be " iamanidiot". It fits you better, because the only point you made is that you come off as an idiot. But of course you knew that because clowns put up a good show by making a fool of themself.

Back to the topic. If Nintendo releases another console in 2 years, I'm done with them.

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FlyingFoxy1892d ago

I have to admit, Microsoft are not using the developers they have to their fullest.. whatever happened to funny adventure games? lately it seems Xbox is all about FPS games and not much more, which is no good to me because i honestly enjoy FPS games on PC but not console since the 64 days. for fun and performance PC is best for those games and some others.

I might look toward PS4 if it has some cool adventure games similar to Banjo Kazooie etc.. like you can't get on PC.

Plus you don't have to pay to play online, XBL is a bit of a joke not letting you play online unless you have gold membership.. i mean come on! even the best game service Steam is free.


honestly just gets me pissed to read something like this. your next system?! you JUST finished up the development of your new system less than a year ago, and believe me...that thing aint turnin any heads the way it should.

keep dreaming in mario.

Riderz13371892d ago

How about you get the Wii U to turn heads, and not for all the wrong reasons this time please.

360ICE1892d ago

To be fair, I have to turn my head every time I want to switch between looking at the controller and the TV. Mission complete, Nintendo.

metroidfusion21892d ago

Ha ha lol dumbass people are reading this wrong

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