The English Voice-Acting in Fire Emblem Awakening is Really Good (Video Comparison)

GameXplain: "In a first for the series, Fire Emblem: Awakening provides the choice of playing with either the translated English voice track or with the game's original Japanese voice-acting. And even more surprising, the English voice-acting is really good! We take a look at the differences between the two in this video, showing off a pair of early cutscenes in the game."

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zerocrossing2158d ago

Wow, that is pretty good.

Game looks great too, I may get a 3DS for ths.

Snookies122158d ago

Yeah, I've never played a Fire Emblem, but wow... Just that little scene alone was pretty powerful and well done... I think I will pre-order this now...

Enate2157d ago

I did buy a 3DS XL for this game. I mean I did pick up Golden Sun in the mean time but if not for this game I wouldn't have one.

zgoldenlionz2158d ago

Looks pretty good, might have to play this.

TongkatAli2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Wow! this looks incredible. Look at the 3DS showing off its power.

for we are many2158d ago

Fire Emblem is among the series I love the most, I played all previous iterations of FE, and I highly recommend it to every gamer; especially this time it looks more exquisitely beautiful than ever and as always with top notch story and gameplay.

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