Three Things We Want From Fallout 4

Gary Swaby of writes:
Recently our editor in chief Richard Bailey wrote an awesome article 13 Games that will be revealed in 2013. But after his article went live rumours started circulating that Fallout 4 would be revealed by Bethesda this year. I for one am extremely excited at the possibility of a new Fallout game developed by Bethesda. Fallout: New Vegas was cool but we all know that Fallout is rightfully Bethesda territory, and nobody can nail the post-apocalyptic intensity like them.

Fallout 3 was one of my favourite games this generation, and it did a lot of things right. So I don’t have a typical list of 5 things I want from Fallout 4, but I do have 3. Let us know if you agree with this wishlist below.

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rbailey1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

If you're a Fallout fan, you should check out this article and see if you agree or disagree with the theories brought up.

Daver1831d ago

I would like to see some kind of online component like demon's souls/dark soul's but more fallout oriented like maybe show on the map where your friends are or some kind of hint on the map left by your friends, something like that would be nice.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I want them to make it for pc first. Wouldn't want this game to pull a RE,Splinter cell, Dead space 3 and before the wider audience.

grailly1831d ago

I mostly agree, though the things they wanted were mainly: "make it better!"

I disagree though that the faction weren't good. I loved having the factions in fallout: NV, starting a few missions with each and having to make a choice once they asked you to attack another one was fun. It also introduced very different endings which is greatly appreciated. Hey, it's nice to see choices have consequences, for once!

j-blaze1831d ago

2 more things:
-i want it to be a sequel if possible, Fallout 3 had a great setting and atmosphere
-the overweight/limited item carrying thing need to go away

Kurt Russell1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Item limit most certainly does not need to go away. And a new place in the wasteland would be nice to see.

vickers5001831d ago

One thing that they do need to change are the amount of Money merchants have. It's incredibly annoying having picked up tons of loot in the wasteland, hoping to sell it off but only being able to sell off a small portion of it because the merchants only have 500 to 1000 currency (or a little bit more if you waste your skills/perks to get them to have a little bit more). I'm sure they could work some logical credit system into the story instead of only having physical currency.

A form of faster transportation would be nice too. Bicycle, motorbike, motorcycle (was already in fo3), horses, hoverboards, parachute or wingsuit (if they decide to make the game a little bit more vertical), jetpacks, or hell even sprinting. Walking around the wasteland exploring is really fun for a long time, but after a while, you just want to get where you need to go when you've seen most everything around you. And you can't tell me a few of those things wouldn't be really cool.

I do think there should be more options for increasing carrying capacity though. Like having to sacrifice skill points in guns or something in order to have more capacity. They need more options for it than FO3 had which pretty much only had increase strength I believe.

ThanatosDMC1830d ago

I would like more Item Tabs or at least be able to mark items to go to a separate tab. It's a pain to scroll to so much crap that's in my inventory.

grailly1831d ago

maybe a better item management, but item limit is important! hardcore mode in NV made it even more interesting.

weighing out your ammo for food was an interesting idea. but food and water were way to easy to come by. A better version of hardcore would be great.

Root1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

More Unique Weapons.....I love the challenge of finding those things, especially if your a low level. I used to try and get the Vengeance in Death Claw Sanctuary when I just came out of the vault, I used to go to the tec museum to get some Stealth boys then was tense.

Shame they don't offer that kind of challenge in Elder Scrolls.....mostly everything is just randomly generated weapons wise.

Oh and I know this might sound harsh but don't add children if we can't kill them...look at Mayor Mcreedy in the last game, he was a little prick and I couldn't even blow his smug head off.

grailly1831d ago

I think they should make the weapon plans easier to find. I didn't build many weapons because I never really had the plans for them.

but I agree, more unique weapons.

PhoenixRising371831d ago

i want one of these 2 things:
1: take away enemies that fire on you from afar because the player can't shoot at long range without a sniper rifle but the enemies can.
2: give the player the ability to fire far away accurately.

more than often i would lose a ton of health from enemies firing at me from a mile away with SMG's and Pistols.

FunkMacNasty1831d ago

I highly disagree with the artcle's #2 point:

#2 - Make loot more meaningful. The author says that theres tons of loot but all he needs is ammo and health?? Whaaaat!? I found every piece of loot in the Fallout universe to be worth something, even if nothing more than a handful of bottle caps at a vendor - especially when you have recipies/blueprints to make weapons and potions.. you'll wind up looking for coveted and abstract things like railroad spikes, steam guages and toy cars.. And remember the "Rock-IT launcher" from Fallout 3??? Once you build that thing, every peice of loot became valuble ammo. Shooting a teddy bear and bowling pins at enemies at high velocity ftw!!

If there's one thing I want from the next Fallout, its a higher level cap. I could play that game all day!

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