Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Oliver's quest doesn't begin with the greatest streak of luck. One second our harmless hero is sneaking out of the house during the night, all in the aid of trying out a handmade vehicle created by his friend. The pair get overexcited, and before you know it, Oliver is being pulled out of the local river by the reliable hands of his mother. Unfortunately for the boy, his only parent suffers from a weak heart. Stress overcomes her, leaving him orphaned from the off".

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first1NFANTRY1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Another high score? not that it ever mattered cause i'll be getting this game regardless of reviews but it's good to see reviewers giving the score it deserves. One doesn't need to play the game to know it will be a blast, the videos and the studio behind it says it all.

I hope it does well to warrant it a sequel.

MikeMyers1919d ago

It's still nice to see good scores coming in.

AllroundGamer1919d ago

i just preordered it, just sux it isn't turn based like all the oldschool JRPGs :(

insomnium21919d ago

I pre-ordered it today too. Can't wait!

Kane221919d ago

actually it kinda is turned base

wheresmymonkey1919d ago

yep. it is. Its prety much the same as the tales of games. attacks and spells are dort of turn based but you get to run away from attacks.

AllroundGamer1919d ago

to me it felt more action than turnbased, i mean i liked Rogue Galaxy too, but still i prefer the oldschool turnbase combat (like their Dragon Quest VIII), where i have time to plan everything and don't have to run on the battlefield all hectically.

miyamoto1918d ago

it will keep you on your toes

catch1919d ago

I have been avoiding review content to try to go in as fresh as possible but all these great scores are making the wait nearly unbearable!