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“Once Miiverse Hits 3DS, It Will Be Huge” Says Nintendo President Iwata

Iwata envisions: “Once the Miiverse hits the 3DS, it will be huge. Just imagine the possibilities of playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf while sharing your experiences on the Miiverse. Now that’s something!” (3DS, Wii U)

Godchild1020  +   612d ago
The possibilities. Miiverse is like hanging out at the mall with friends and finding interest in games that are similar to your own.
MikeMyers  +   612d ago
Anyone know why they didn't have it ready on the 3DS when the Wii U came out?

I like the idea, I just don't like Nintendos history of getting things done in a timely fashion.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   612d ago
I didn't even know it was confirmed for the 3DS until right now. I predict it will take them forever and a day to release it.
PopRocks359  +   612d ago
I wasn't even aware they were going to put Miiverse on the 3DS. This is good news to me. Make it happen Nintendo!
ZeekQuattro  +   612d ago
Expect a lot more announcements like this as Nintendo is in the process of merging its handheld and console divisions. They are supposed to do so next month.
PopRocks359  +   612d ago
That I actually did hear about. Not really sure what to make of it. Hopefully it will be a change for the better.
metroid32  +   612d ago
They always said it was coming to 3ds.....
AJBACK2FRAG  +   612d ago
I thought I read Nintendo wanted to bring it to smart phones and laptops etc...
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   612d ago
Yeah, they said that in the Nintendo Direct Videos even in the Pre-E3 (Non-Specific Action Figure) video.
G-cis  +   612d ago
does i need to have a wii U to be able to use this?
Godchild1020  +   612d ago
For right now, yes, a Wii U is required to use Miiverse. It will be coming to Mobile devices and the 3DS some time in the future.
Kingofwiiu  +   612d ago
Miiverse is incredible , it's like a killer app in its own right. I love drawing Pictures and sharing them with others or asking for and giving advice in certain games.

Miiverse is awesome , I'm on it everyday.
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r21  +   612d ago
Interesting, wonder how'd it look on the 3DS?
KangarooSam  +   612d ago
Probably eerily like Miiverse, but in 3D.
Glad I could help. :P
Sarobi  +   612d ago
The more people the better. I've grown to love the MiiVerse more and more over time.
Nicaragua  +   612d ago
I have a WiiU and I don't think Miiverse is that big a deal.
RFornillos4  +   612d ago
Miiverse on the 3DS is gonna be awesome!

heck, even SwapNote's good, but to have Miiverse-capability on it, would just make it perfect.
deafdani  +   612d ago
"In order to fully expand Miiverse to a wider audience, Nintendo will also be bringing the network to the Nintendo 3DS and eventually to PCs and smartphones as well, so you can check it anywhere you are."

I hope this means that your Nintendo Network ID will be freed from your console - meaning, it won't be tied to a single console anymore... this could imply that your purchased content (downloadable games and content) won't be tied to it, as well, but to your NNID, the way it should've been since the beginning. Why Nintendo decided to lock your purchased content to the console instead of your NNID, baffles me. Makes absolutely no sense.

I love my Wii U, but that's its biggest flaw in my opinion, and I really, really, really want to see it adressed soon. :/
exfatal  +   612d ago
yea they really shoulda just went and locked it to your account. but i guess they were afriad of people buying eshop game sgoing to a friends logging in with there account and downloading the games on their systems for free, would be my guess into why they didn't do it right away
deafdani  +   612d ago
It's a good guess, but then they still aren't really thinking. They can lock the content to your account AND the console, meaning you can only play with that content on one console at the time.

I mean, Sony and Microsoft manage to do just that (only that, in Sony's case, it's two consoles). Why not Nintendo, then?
wiiulee  +   612d ago
the more miiverse expands the better it is for nintendo and wiiu owners...so nintendo def need to get it into the 3ds right away
stuntman_mike  +   611d ago
I can see a lot more connectivity to come between the 3DS and WiiU.

as the guy who got sacked from the matrix said: "Very exciting time's"

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