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Dead Space 3 Demo Gameplay

EA has released an exclusive Dead Space 3 demo for Xbox 360 today. To receive access to the demo, you had to fill out a sign up sheet earlier last year and the long wait since then has finally paid off. (Dead Space 3, Xbox 360)

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The_Infected  +   927d ago
Looks great. Not that scary though:(
chukamachine  +   927d ago
MS paying for a demo.

Belking  +   927d ago
You can do that when money isn't a problem...lol

OT: The game looks great. Love this series.
But they can't make games? lol
I am sure sony can pay for a demo but why waste money? Who will buy xbox for a demo?
Does look great. Horror R.I.P :(

Also I want to see how it looks on pc! Frostbyte 2!
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Enemy  +   927d ago
Priceless? Not quite. After all, they did pay for it.

But, when you fail to have as many exclusive games as the competition, the least you could do is buy temporary exclusive DLC and demos (lol).
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Belking  +   927d ago
ah, back to the exclusives now...lol

MS entered this gen with less exclusives and still outsell the competition to this day. Their "few" exclusives are just as popular and bring in more money, plus their software attach rate is still higher so I don't think they're worried.

I don't think sony is worried about Dead Space demo on the xbox first. They have other things to worry about. Like getting Vita hardware to profit, and getting their TVs to sell the way they used too. They could publish 100 games and I don't think MS nor Nintendo would trade places with them at this point. Things look pretty good on their side. Remember, they aren't the ones who had to replace their CEO. I'm sure sony didn't do that because things were going great....lol

When it's all said and done it doesn't matter as long as we are getting good games. I really don't care who pays to develop it.
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sandman224  +   927d ago
Was part 2 any good?
dirthurts  +   927d ago
I liked it a lot.
JoGam  +   927d ago
Every game is the series was good. Part 1 was the best.
Root  +   927d ago
It's confirmed my fears about this game...EA have ruined another franchise. If you know Capcom were getting hated on because of what they did to RE why would you do it to your own franchise.

It's not a bad game it's just terrible as a horror game....and that's what DS is supposed to be. You take that away then you are left we a crappy game.
da_2pacalypse  +   927d ago
EA: "Oh, we have a unique game with unique gameplay mechanics that stand out from other games? Well, we need to shove a military guy in there, some more explosions, a cover system, and coop so that our game can be generic so it doesn't stand out"

Think about it this way. If i made the best point and click adventure game ever made, and I named it Call of duty 10, would it make sense? It would be the best P&C game ever made, so you shouldn't complain right!?!??! WRONG! it goes against what the franchise stood for.

So why is it okay to make an action game our of a horror game? It's not. Sure it might be a good game, but I refuse to buy a game that throws away its identity in order to appeal to a wider audience.
Root  +   927d ago
Exactly that's what people don't seem to understand, at the end of the day your letting a developer get away with ruining something you love.

It's the same with this game, FF13 and even the new FF13...they might be alright games but why settle for average when the past games used to be amazing.
Vandamme21  +   927d ago
This game looks alright..I might get it..when it's like 20 bucks
JoGam  +   927d ago
The game is worth a day one purchase.
finbars75  +   927d ago
Bunch of idiots in this room.Oh the series has turned into Resident evil and its not scray at all or EA has ruined another franchise.Wow guys you watch one little demo part and you bash it.Seriously really sad guys,really sad.From gameplay that I have seen over the last few months it looks scary and very dark like the last two.Most of you are just butthurt because you probally havnt got your hands on the demo.The Demo is good and the you know the finished product will be top notch.So go bash another website with demo gameplay of some other game.Usless people in here.
Root  +   927d ago
We're all judging it by everything we've seen since it was announced.

There's been plenty of info and videos to show us that EA have butchered another franchise.

You don't need to play the game to realise how much they've f***** this up
2pacalypsenow  +   927d ago
It isn't even in space anymore ?
It takes place in a bunch of different enviornments. Theres multiple flotillas of space crafts orbiting Tau Volantis that you get to explore and the zero g is still intact.
dazzrazz  +   927d ago
In my taste it just sucks a big fat one ! Co-op or not Visceral turned series into a shooter (they even have necromorphs with guns !!!)besides that all the claustrophobic atmosphere from previous titles is completely wiped out. I'll get it when the price hits below $30
CalvinKlein  +   927d ago
ohh yay, hanging over a cliff on something thats about to fall off. Im so glad they added that. Ive never seen that in any other videogames or movies before... At least they removed the universal ammo.
Omar91  +   926d ago
this game looked bad (as a horror game) since day 1. Its so sad to see this game go down hill. The first two were one of my favorite horror games of all time.. now looks like I will be skipping this one... For god sakes DMC seems scarier then this game.

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