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Dead Space 3 Early Access Demo Available Now for Xbox 360

Many of you are are (im)patiently waiting for next week’s public release of the Dead Space 3 demo. Well, guess what? You can snag a code for the demo and download it right now! (Dead Space 3, Xbox 360)

tigertron  +   825d ago
I was waiting for the PS3 demo, since I have the previous DS games on there, but I might as well download the 360 demo early.
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MxRBrobaFett  +   825d ago
For everyone who does this when you get the code in the email it tells you to go to a link to enter it. Just enter the code in marketplace on your xbox
DN_DieselBT  +   824d ago
That's what I did! When I got the code I thought to myself 'Hey, that looks like an Xbox Redemption Code' and gave it a whirl. :)
TheyDontLoveYou  +   825d ago
The game blows balls.
abzdine  +   825d ago
they should have called this game "Lost Planet in Dead Space".
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Mocat  +   824d ago
Fucking facebook
shahrukh339  +   824d ago
Ok now... after watching what the fan boys did with DMC on meta critic .. i am prepared that DS3 is going to go through same ridiculous childishness because its going to be an epic game but less horror ....

Fanboys and gamers please appreciate developers hard work... many great gaming companies diluted and liquidated in 2012, hard working people got job less and worst... Think about it
Root  +   824d ago
If they want us to appreciate them then they should stop f****** up franchises we like.
shahrukh339  +   824d ago
lolx dude.... all i am saying is that gamer or fan boys to be precise should judge a game with integrity.. Honesty... Rating a good game poor just because things changes or hair color got black and all is not fair...

Resident evil 6 was average but not very very bad... same goes to cod games recently. and as for the new DMC it was really great, quite different from previous games but a great game. and for those who are saying that Ninja Theory should have released this game with a different name then cammon, same angry fan boys would have said that it is a rip off of the Devil may cry series and all.

Appreciate it for what it is.. don't judge it for what it isnt...
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Jek_Porkins  +   824d ago
I am actually impressed with the demo thus far. I thought I wouldn't like the game as much as the past two games, but I've enjoyed it very much. It's really on my radar now.

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