PSXE DmC: Devil May Cry Review: Demons, We Have A New Weapon

It's the correct way to do a franchise reboot: Upgrade certain critical parts while retaining the very core and spirit fans love. Don't hate, just kick demon ass!

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Whitefox7891859d ago

What has this game upgraded from the previous entry? Please tell me.

DragonKnight1859d ago

Better questions is what has it retained? It isn't the wit of Dante, it isn't the fast paced intense combat, so what is it then?

Godmars2901859d ago

I would really like someone on the pro side to try and answer this. Really get the feeling that review community are giving NT 8-10s out of support.

7-8s I could buy with what's been said of boss fights and frame rates, tearing, but higher scores?

Blacktric1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

I'm pretty sure only answer you're going to get from the pro side will be;

1- You don't like it because of Donte's hair.
2- The game is good, deal with it.
3- Play it like it's a different game. I did this oh and I'm an old Devil May Cry fan btw :)
4- Nobody wants to hear your opinions. Go away.

I have yet to see one guy from the pro side give a decent rebuttal to someone who voices their legitimate concerns. Everyone is jumping on the "the game is getting great reviews" bandwagon to bash the people who hated the game since the release of the gameplay diaries and the demo.

Ah well. This generation has been all about mediocre releases getting massive support, save for 10-15 good games/franchises, anyway so it shouldn't be surprising.

"Really get the feeling that review community are giving NT 8-10s out of support."

Same thing happened with the whole Anita Sarkeesian controversy. People love to stand up for others who play the victim. Whether it's justified or not.

MadMax1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Graphics, animations, gameplay, 3d movement, gone is the fixed camera and the silly white hair, better world and more interesting bosses too! Jesus, what has not been upgraded! You wouldnt know about any of this because you dont have the game. Play the game first at least, before you judge it! Best DMC to date!!! Youre blowing it man!

DragonKnight1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Graphics are downgraded with the use of the ancient Unreal Engine 3. Animations is debatable. Gameplay is frickin' downgraded to hell, what the hell were you playing? You're calling accessible combat and infinite air time an upgrade? Are you frickin' serious? That's a DEFINITE troll response right there. 3D movement? Lol, next. Fixed camera, wow 1 upgrade? White hair, lol another troll comment.

Best DMC to date? You wish. DMC1 still outscores it, but DmC has proven that the review system has gone straight to hell because these reviews are praising streamlined gameplay and poor storytelling for DmC when they blasted it for Ninja Gaiden 3.

Temporary1858d ago

They dont get it...dont bother. I used to think like them, then I played the game and loved it.

The reviews arent lying.

Whitefox7891858d ago

Those are concepts that are in any kind of game. Each DMC game has gone out of its way to be different (It's been awhile since DMC2 so my thoughts on that are a little rusty).

DMC1: Enemy Juggling System
DMC3: Player picked Combat Styles
DMC4: Able to switch the first four styles from DMC3 plus Vergils style on the fly with the D-pad.

I believed the next logical step would've been to have users able to select which play styles they can switch to on the fly thus creating 1000's of possibilities for combo combinations if it had the same amount of styles as in DMC3 (7 including Vergil's Darkslayer so factorial of 7 = 5040 and lets add the bonus that it has the same amount of firearms (5) and devil arms (5 )in DMC3; that equates to even more combinations for people to experiment with).

Only thing I consider that this game has done that is different from the other titles is platforming...

fathoms1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

DragonKnight: Let me get this straight. You're insulting someone for being a troll and your obvious blind bias doesn't count...?

The depth of the combat is merely different; it isn't that much less complex, especially because you can string together multiple weapon setups just as you could before. It isn't strictly as intricate but "accessible" doesn't immediately make it retarded, contrary to what the action purists want everyone to believe. Essentially, if only a small portion of the gaming community can play it and pull off insane combos, that makes it good. If a lot of people can do it, it just sucks. ...yeah, that's sound judgment.

The original DMC doesn't match up in any way. It was old. I love the classics and I loved the first DMC but the story and acting in comparison were laughable, and the combat was hardly as deep. Everyone knows DMC3 offered the deepest combat of the bunch. The storytelling in this reboot is VASTLY better than any installment before it, because Ninja Theory actually know how to tell a story.

Newsflash to all the haters- It isn't the critics who are somehow magically biased towards Ninja Theory (which makes absolutely no sense, by the way; what motivation could reviewers possibly have?). It's the completely blind haters who despise Dante's new look, the modernized style, and the "accessibility" of the combat, which is still plenty deep enough for the great majority of gamers.

Aw, lost a dash of the hardcore so now you're gonna whine? Give me a BREAK. Here's a personal guarantee for all those wondering why the blind haters are wrong- Had this exact same game come out with only Capcom's name on it, those same people would be praising this game to high heaven. Bank on it.

Godmars2901858d ago

- The purposed grunge/dirty design started ugly in Skyrim and only got worse when it was used here.

- Like in most DMC games enemies go "off camera" and the added zoom-in doesn't help.

- White hair? Really? You're trying to list that as an honest complaint?

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pandehz1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

The improvements compared to the past are as follows.

Graphics- Anyone who has any doubts go pick up the previous ones and watch some walkthroughs of this and compare. From intricate details to overall atmosphere, technically it has taken a leap while having its own artistic integrity.

Animations: Much better, simple just compare with the ones before. Each enemy movement to combat animations etc all have been fit to match the frantic feel of the combat and the art style and setting being aimed here. Anyone who understand animation cycles know how tweaking even a tiny part of it can change the feel and can impact positively or otherwise depending on context. Here it does well.

Combat- actually still feels like a dmc game just a bit like dmc 4 but much smoother. Again watch comparison vids or play the game/not the demo. Demo is not even close to the satisfaction of the actual game. Also ppl who think making it accessible means making it worse are so wrong. They are not even in the same league of conversation when dealing with user interactivity and gamin feedback. Anyone who has any clue of studying Info Architecture and Interactive feedback will know how indepth an argument this can go. Too many assumptions from the haters. Also their assumptions are based on past brainwashed understanding of supposed gameplay mechanics.

Plot and Narrative- DMC 1-4 has been known for some of the most typical and cheesy B movie style plots and even the narrative style is exact replicas of 90's era B films. Have any doubts? Google it or if you can identify with B movie styles then you know what im talking about.

This DMC is by far the most fresh and non B movie replica. It still maintains its cheesiness unfortunately as that's DMC style for having cheesy one liners and melodramatic follow throughs, but this does feel much more fresh than the previous entries and pursues a different narrative tangent. Dante has always been a dick but we never knew why, in this dmc it all makes sense and much more.

There are more positive differences from the previous. But the main difference to me is the feel. It feels like a 2013 game and it does feel fresh and this re imagining does work well as a re imagining and may just have its own series of dmc's in the future.

8bit_Nes_Rambo1858d ago

I'll take 90's cheese over a constant stream of laughable FUs and other crass garbage that's supposedly masquerading as narrative.

Louis_Guzman1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

@Pederazz: Your avatar looks like an unwashed monkey. Just like Nu Dante! LOL!