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Ashlen1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Cool, I really enjoy these games. I hope they announce Yakuza 5 soon as well.

Neckbear1955d ago

They ARE working with NISA.

Spenok1955d ago

Yay, this is awesome news.

izumo_lee1955d ago

NISA thank you so much for continuing to provide us gamers with games like these that are not as well known but appreciated by the fans of them.

I expect something spectacular in NISA's packaging as well.

chiwoo1955d ago

March Madness. we got Tomb raider, Naruto, God of war, Bioshock,Hyper dimension neptunia, and the walking dead. I dont know what to do lol.

Qrphe1955d ago

Could someone please give me a rundown of why they enjoy these games?

I've never actually played any, I feel like most reviews out there don't do it justice, and I would not want to miss a good gaming experience just because of appearance.

tiffac0081955d ago


More Alchemy goodness!