New ‘Skyrim’ pack upgrades dragon graphics; first images and details revealed

A new pack has been revealed for the PC version of the multiplatform title, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” upgrading the graphics of the dragons that appear in the video game.

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Conzul1770d ago

looks almost as good as those SyFy channel low-budget creature effects.

Tr10wn1770d ago

You must be watching another SyFy because those dragons from Skyrim look 10 time better than anything in SyFy, the best looking thing on SyFy was BSG and it still look like shit.

Red_Orange_Juice1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

thats why I wanna good pc (although I'll wait for Haswell and new graphics)

maelstromb1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Why there was not this much detail put into the dragons to begin with, is beyond me.. still, it's nice to see Bethesda supporting their game over a year after release. Regardless, the updated dragons add a nice bit of added detail and dimension to the game.

barb_wire1770d ago

Like the support they've given the PS3 version?

dktxx21770d ago

This is a mod, not from Bethesda.

NukaCola1770d ago

If Bethesda were smart, which they aren't....They would release this game for one-months for testers, then fix everything. They release it to a select group of good modders for polish and then release the game.

Detoxx1770d ago

Well said mate, well said.. Bubble up

maelstromb1770d ago

My mistake, was thinking this was an official release from Beth. So disregard everything I said previously.

aliengmr1770d ago

The article makes it sound that way.

Bubble for being one of the very few to admit they made a mistake. Even if its a small one.

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