Receive an artbook when you buy Metal Gear Rising at GameStop

GameStop has updated their pre-order bonuses for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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yami9301892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Wow, that picture has got me even more excited, does this new Fox Blade mean he fights just like Gray Fox? Because he holds the sword as though he does, I really hope so, then it will be like playing as Gray Fox as a new playable character all toghether and that would up the awesome for this game so much! I went back to the Gray Fox announcment trailer and saw that he is actually wielding the Fox Blade in some parts of it and it might be that sword that allows him to cut the soilders into pieces immediatley with every strike in the fountain fight gameplay section of the trailer. Now all they need for a complete Gray Fox is stealth camo. Gray Fox + Fox blade guarantees a third playthrough of the game for me already, the sneaking wooden sword mode got the 2nd playthrough, cant wait for this game!

prototypeknuckles1892d ago

sweet, i just pre-ordered this sunday, so i get gray fox, and an artbook.

Nyxus1892d ago

I hope Europeans will have a chance to get the artbook as well.

Clover9041892d ago

Submitted by Nyxus, runner of the best Metal Gear site!

showtimefolks1892d ago

i pre-ordered it a while back so i hope i am able to get this when it comes out

Summons751892d ago

No matter how much bribing you do, you'll never get me to spend money at that terrible store. Nor do I care about pre-order incentives that should be automatically included with the game.

jc485731892d ago

for me it no longer makes a difference where ever i order. I used to go with Amazon, but then they started changing as well.

Summons751892d ago

I don't even preorder. I realized long ago that pre orders may guarantee a game but there is always a ton of extra on hand. Learned while working for this dreadful company.

jc485731892d ago

yea, I only preorder niche games. Other than that, I simply wait.

Nyxus1891d ago

Where I live it's hard to say. Usually it's not necessary to pre order at all, but sometimes it is. For example, the Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition seems to be sold out already, so I'm glad I did pre order that one.

ExCest1892d ago

God-freaking-yammit Gamestop!

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