NowGamer: Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Review

NowGamer: Studio Ghibli and Level-5's beautiful JRPG finally makes it to Western shores, but has anything been lost in translation?

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Snookies121796d ago

Lowest score I've seen, but still a great one nonetheless. :]

DoctorNefarious1231796d ago

Sign of a good game when 8.5 is considered a low score. Can't wait for this game to release.

theBAWSE1796d ago

Marked down because its a ps3 exclusive...nowgamer are notorious for doing that

Daoshai1796d ago

Do fanboys really believe that? Your more paranoid than I thought. Anyways can't wait for Tuesday.

Aceman181796d ago

just 7 days to go, and i'll be enjoying this beautiful game. did anyone us get the metallic case for pre-ordering the game? it looks sweet.

Kinger89381796d ago

Na not here in uk, got a japanese spell book though!.. think i would prefer the case

Nexgensensation1796d ago

But I can tell you this based on the screen shot that they purpose it seems like they only played and reviewed the demo... smh

3-4-51796d ago

yea. I think we sometimes forget that 8.5 is still a really good score for a game. 9's should be more rare than they are.

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Godchild10201796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Hopefully this does well, so we can see more of Level 5's games over this side. And hopefully Studio Ghibli and Level 5 can come to together and make another game.

Riderz13371796d ago

I hope this sells well enough to persuade Level 5 into making more games that are released in the western market. Good review.

1796d ago
disturbing_flame1796d ago

So let see one thing DMC has a 9.0 score for "longevity" and Nino Kuni an 8.5 like Mass Effect 3.
Oh well seems leggit.

What ?

Catoplepas1796d ago

It's a Japanese PS3 game.

The deduction is industry standard.

Summons751796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

lol DmC 4 maybe 8 hours (if your bad)

Ni No Kuni 30-40 for the story alone more if you do side quests, hidden stuff, grind.

this is why DmC reviewers can't be taken seriously, they just want to look good by saying a horribly designed game is good

Can't wait for this game. Amazing developer with an amazing animation studio, I've been excited since the dev names were uttered.

baodeus1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

What? How do you compare linear action hack and slack game to an RPG base on hrs of gameplay/story? It is like saying GOd of war is crappy compare to this because it only last 8 hrs or less. does it make any sense? And what does DMC have anything to do with this? U must be one of this DMC hater people were talking about on other blogs.

Nino kuni is a must have jrpg, cause most review have been very positive. Bring it.

VsAssassin1796d ago

Really? Seriously? NowGamer gave DmC a 9 and this game an 8.5? And what's laughable is DmC gets a 9 for game length while NNK only an 8? What has the world become!?

Does the reviewer for NNK know how much content this game has? How many secret villages you can find? How many familiars you can collect? Sidequests, monster arena and more? Just wow!

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The story is too old to be commented.