Conspiracy nut Alex Jones says the Pentagon created FPS games "Radio show host, and general conspiracy nutjob, Alex Jones has been making the rounds talking about the current gun control debate. Most notably, he made an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight where the discussion over the right to bear arms became a bit more "passionate" than one would expect. On the Opie and Anthony Show, Jones explains the origins of FPS games, and no, he doesn't believe it was John Caramack and John Romero who came up with it."

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trickman8881681d ago

this man can make a conspiracy out of anything.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1681d ago

He maybe part nut but some of what he says seems very true.

NeverEnding19891681d ago

No...he's a nutjob.

When Rush Limbaugh criticizes you for your conservative're definitely a nutjob.

Watch him on Piers Morgan. He's a raging idiot.

kneon1681d ago

Sure, he takes a grain of truth and spins it into some overblown spectacle of imbecility that only a moron could believe.

I wouldn't trust this idiot with a butter knife let alone a gun.

TheGamerDood1681d ago

Another carnival barker cashing in on the popular freakshow currently going on.

Today I learned that COD is a simulator.

Linsolv1681d ago

As someone who was fairly involved in the "conspiracy nutjob" community for a while through a few friends, I can honestly say that most conspiracy theorist types think Alex Jones is a joke and a wacko whose only "redeeming" feature, if it can be called that, was his ability to get on television.

BattleAxe1681d ago

Alex Jones has alot of great guests on his show, and he does a ton of research into these "conspiracy theories" which ends up exposing the truth in many cases. is a far better news source than CNN, MSNBC and FOX News IMO.

His only problem is that he gets too worked up at times, but I have alot of respect for the guy. Before he came along, I had no idea about certain groups like the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, and I had never heard of the Bohemian Grove.

nunley331680d ago

Yeah i agree with you alot of what he says can be proven absolute fact. I would hear him as a guest on the overnight radioshow "coast to coast am" sometimes and he always had great info and didn't come off as crazy. I've never listened to his show but his is good and he also has too.

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-Alpha1681d ago

"this man can make a conspiracy out of anything."

Like most conspiracy believers, then.

Redrum0591681d ago

Dmc/devilmaycry and assassins creed do have a hint of the antichrist plot melded into the games story.

doctorstrange1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Cause both those franchises were created by US companies.


akaakaaka1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

obviously few the stuff he say are full of bs and few are real but what you call conspiracy in most cases are true and easy to prove and only sheep's can see the true. Some don't like the truth and rather live naive of it, sadly.

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use google to translate if you need to and be aware of few stuff if you are interested you will be please and more human.

Redrum0591681d ago

It's useless my friend, most ppl here on n4g are quick to call a conspiracy believer a nut job without doing any research on the matter. Not agreeing with Alex Jones but the all forms of media are tools to influence the masses.

DragonKnight1681d ago

So are the two of you some of those types that think Hollywood (specifically Batman Dark Knight Rises), in conjunction with the U.S. government staged Sandy Hook to take away guns?

ATi_Elite1681d ago



DARPA does a lot of cool secret stuff way before civilian use so DARPA could of made a FPS simulator for troops or CIA or whoever but as far as we know MAZE WAR was the first FPS

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lfclee1681d ago

The guy knows what he is doing , making a shed load of money ! We are the dull ones listening to him and buying his books , well not me i think he is a nut .

chukamachine1681d ago

The only thing he's ever been right about is that NASA never landed on the moon with.

Faked in studio, some filmed in Norway.

And obviously 911 was a coverup, explosions going off in the basement,heard by police,firemen,workers.

I mean americans will give money willingly to Microsoft for shoddy hardware time and again, and pay to pay online for a game they just bought. That's why they are regarded as sheeple.

Hercules1891680d ago

So because I enjoy playing halo and gears i am some sheep, and americans like supporting american companies, get used to it.

Blaze9291680d ago

If the government created FPS games then, hey - they did something great for once.

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GreenRanger1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

You'd better hide, Alex, the Illuminati are gonna getcha!

Zodiac1681d ago

Don't joke about that! lol. They wouldn't get him over this.

It's fun to make jokes about it, but some people don't know that they actually exist. The Bavarian Illuminati formed on May 1, 1776 under Adam Weishaupt. They do have a history.

Not here to start an argument, but i would like to get word in because a majority of people completely dismiss that this secret society ever existed or currently exists.

Liquid_Ocelot1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Finally! Somebody with some knowledge. Jesus Christ, N4G is filled with people who rather look to the other side than realizing what's in front of them -_-

Redrum0591681d ago

Alex Jones is still alive because he's now been baught . He was spreading truth back when he exposed the Bohemian grove but since then I believe he's now a tool for disinformation and false conspiracy theories.

Zodiac1681d ago

@Redrum. I have never been more terrified of owls since Bohemian grove.

Linsolv1681d ago

But you're forgetting that the Bavarian Illuminati were concerned about the preservation of knowledge, and the organization died out hundreds of years ago. In fact, the later secret societies of the 19th century (Freemasons, Rosy Cross, Golden Dawn, etc) were largely an attempt to recreate the Illuminati. Well, that an an attempt by Aleister Crowley, once he got his hands on them, to get laid and have orgies.

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FlameBaitGod1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Actually.... if you look up information of the Illuminati you would see that in almost every movie there's a symbol on the background. I didn't believe at first and I know not everything can be true but man... Look up vids on you tube and you'll see how the majority of movies have Illuminati symbols hidden in them.

Btw people, don't believe everything the media says, just by doing a little bit of research on the internet, you will see how all the media in the US is owned by a few people.

ApolloTheBoss1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Not only that. Look up a bunch of music videos of rap artists and pop stars like Jay-Z and Lady Gaga and there are LOT of subliminal messages. Don't mean to scare anyone but accept the truth, people. The Illuminati are very real.

BitbyDeath1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Ha, i remember when 'No Church in the Wild' released and everyone was going crazy over that video stating it was the work of the illuminati.

Canary1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I believe this guy.

I'm one of those "old" gamers. I remember the early days of FPS games. I played Daikatana. I cannot conceive of a universe where John Romero knows how to make a good game.

And yes: I am still bitter about it. Daikatana really was /that/ bad.

Kids these days... they don't know even what a bad game is.

Linsolv1681d ago

John Romero helped make Wolf3D, Doom, and Doom 2. I'd credit most of the success to John Carmack, but you can't say he never made a good game.

Canary1681d ago

He may have been present.

But its quite clear his input was negligible at best.

Didn't you ever do any group projects in school? There's always -one- person who takes credit without doing any work. Johrn Romero is that person.

OhReginald1681d ago

Alex Jones is cool and all, he does provide facts and evidence most of the time, but famn when he says shit like this, no wonder people dont take him seriously.

GribbleGrunger1681d ago

I'm with you on that. When watching Alex Jones, you have to use your own filtering because he tends to make links everywhere. But at the heart of some of the things he says, there is some truth. I'm not sure about this particular case, but generally speaking he is right a lot of the time. It's getting tougher finding verification on the web (especially Youtube). Alternative views are very important in a shrink-wrapped world.