PARODY: Microsoft officially drops HD-DVD, adopts cassettes

In a short but sweet satirical piece, SG looks at Microsoft's new HD alternative, now that the HD-DVD attachment has gone the way of the whooping crane, betamax, and the mini disc.

From the parody article: "Not willing to concede defeat, but faced with the death of their adopted HD vehicle, Microsoft has decided to go old-school, rather than put a dime into the pockets of Sony and its Blu-ray partners. This afternoon they unveiled the HD-Cassette tape, and a low-cost peripheral cassette deck for the Xbox 360."

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Maddens Raiders3942d ago

however some will take it seriously and have a coronary.

Drekken3942d ago

Anyone who doesn't know the meaning of PARODY deserves to have a coronary!

JSA-Gamer3942d ago

anyone who doesn't know the meaning of coronary desrves to have a Parody. ya?

Okay that was cheesy.

Charlie26883942d ago

This is INSANELY hilarious XD

Hydrollex3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Charlie bit me and that really hurts. lol

Microsoft give up baby

JSA-Gamer3942d ago

Why stop there? Lets get that Rick Astley going!

GamerSigma3942d ago

Not much of a "parody" person but this is just so silly it crossed past annoying to hysterical. Great find! hahaha!

LGFreedom3942d ago

Hey that was an old atari 1010 tape drive! anbyone remember those? You had to set the counter to wherever you stored the program and hit play after you typed load? then it beeped god awful as it loaded. For like 10 minutes.

Oh man. Those were the days. Woah... where am I? Nostalgia moment.

demolitionX3942d ago

u reminded me with my old commodore 64. keeps beeping for more than a minute! now it's time buy xbox HD casette console! lol

Bleucrunch3942d ago

THis was too funny! and yet.......well nah forget I mentioned it.

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The story is too old to be commented.