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exfatal1735d ago

looks really good, hope it turns out well .

EddieNX 1735d ago

I hope it turns out to be good. I have a 12 year old brother So I will buy it for him *whispers*- And then play it myself.....

Kurisu1735d ago

That's the joy of Disney, especially the Pixar branch - there really is something for everybody.

kirbyu1735d ago

Why are they making this? I'd much rather see Nintendo make a Skylanders clone.

jakmckratos1735d ago

Id much rather see Nintendo do a Kingdom Hearts clone and let you play as a character that goes into all the different series' worlds with Luigi as your permanent Partner and a different character in each world joining in.

Qrphe1734d ago

Thank you for making me aware that I live in a world where that'll never happen :(

ElectricKaibutsu1734d ago

That was an April Fools joke on IGN or somewhere a couple years ago. Mario with a keyblade. I believed it. I hate April first :(

Sarobi1735d ago

It looks really neat, but the idea of having to buy these toys feel like a draw back. All in all I hope it does good.

ElectricKaibutsu1734d ago

If I were 15 years younger this game would be awesome.