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Godchild10201986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'm a little disappointed that this is not coming to the Vita. It's Skylanders all over gain.

The game does look interesting and I can't wait to see how the cross platform play works.

exfatal1986d ago

this is awesome hell i'll probably buy it for the Wii U

AWBrawler1985d ago

Looks like there's a big game for kids coming to the wii U. yes I know its on all consoles, but, well just look at skylanders. It will sell the most on Nintendo.

jakmckratos1986d ago

You lost everyone over 12 when you made it so we had to buy toys...the nostalgia this game would have given me as a 20+ year old disney fan woulda been awesome. Oh well..just gonna have to wait til Kingdom Hearts 3.

Root1986d ago

It's just another rip off to be honest

Trying to cash in on Activisions Skylanders money fest.

AWBrawler1985d ago

Why does age matter when buying a figurine? if you ashamed of what people may say, just say its for a younger relative. problem solved

A7XEric1986d ago

Gameplay wise it looks much cooler than skylanders. Almost like skylanders meets LBP

Jadedz1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'm shocked it's releasing on the Wii though.

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