DmC: Devil May Cry - PS3 vs 360 Comparison Gameplay

Not sure which platform to pick up DMC: Devil May Cry on? Here's Gametrailers' side by side comparison of 360 vs. PS3 to help!

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Anon19741924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

He he. Gametrailers comparisons...
Anyone remember the whole Grid fiasco? It wasn't just that they were busted swapping PS3 video and trying to pass it off as 360 video, mistakes happen, but viewers noticed the crashes they were showing as the PS3 examples of the game seemed purposefully lacklustre compared to the crashes that used to showcase the 360 "version".

Makes you wonder how often these types of sites cherry pick these video clips and we just don't realize it. There was a similar case with Lens of Truth and their Mass Effect 2 demo comparison when viewed against the Digital Foundry comparison video, and when they ended up with different results. Really, these sites can tell us and show us whatever the hell they want.

If they had an agenda for some reason, unless they mess up badly like GT did with Grid and post the wrong button scheme so we know for sure they're using the PS3 version, how on earth would we ever know if what these sites tell us are true when you consider how close the console versions have been since 2009 for the majority of titles?

I remember Infinity Ward stating with COD4 that the only people who could tell the difference between versions in testing where the people who worked on the game. For the most part these types of comparisons only serve as ammunition for the ridiculous console wars nonsense, and these sites know it. Pandering to the console wars and writing divisive articles is the only reason some of these sites get any hits at all.

darthv721924d ago

If you have a 360 and like DMC then you get it for the 360.

If you have a PS3 and like DMC then you get it for PS3.

If you have both then you get it for whichever one you prefer.

If you have a wii-u're screwed.

theBAWSE1924d ago

Gametrailers LMFAOOO who trusts them after they been caught making ps3 look bad

pandaboy1924d ago

it doesn't matter that you bubble him up, the mods don't like him and keep him bubbled down... for better or for worse...

n4f1924d ago

if you only have the wii-u then you're save
you dont have to play that piece of you-know-what

aquamala1924d ago

Is it just me or is there another platform this game is on that nobody wants to talk about lol. Could the game look much better on that platform? Hmm

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FrostyZipper1924d ago

Couldn't really have said it much better.

Bathyj1924d ago

"how on earth would we ever know if what these sites tell us are true when you consider how close the console versions have been since 2009 for the majority of titles?"

A better question would be, why do we even still care about these comparisons when you consider how close the console versions have been since 2009 for the majority of titles?

90% of people are just going to get it on the system they prefer for whatever reason anyway, unless there are some glaring differences, in which case I'm pretty sure the internet will let me know about it.

Bimkoblerutso1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I honestly just check these for performance at this point. One version or the other sometimes has more screen tearing or slowdown than the other. It's pretty rare now to see any major differences, but then you occasionally get games like RAGE that have major problems on one particular system, so I still check just to be safe.

kevnb1924d ago

Better yet check out PC vs console comparisons, funky stuff happens there more often than not.

juandren1924d ago

Bubble bubble bubble +++

Murad1924d ago

Well they still got a 160 degrees on their article, that obviously means they are somewhat credible, or people are stupid enough to click the link.

testerg351924d ago

I'm not arguing with you, but does it even matter which site? Pretty much every site has been called out by PS3 fans anytime they give a low score to a PS3 game or like a 360 version better.

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AngelicIceDiamond1924d ago

The videos low quality anway won't be able to tell.

guitarded771924d ago

Yeah, it's pretty horrible.

Enemy1924d ago

Gametrailers still making comparison vids well after they got caught playing dirty. Wow.

TongkatAli1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

PS3 version is the 360 version, LOL, Gametrailers is so pathetic. Also the right side darkness was done on purpose to look bad to start a flame war, turn the brightness up jackasses, LOL.

Sarobi1924d ago

They don't look any different.. also Gametrailers video player sucks.

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