DmC: Devil May Cry “fans” are a crying shame

Dante’s had a dye job and legions of devoted fans have sworn off his triumphant return to the forefront of action gaming. Brenna Hillier slow claps.

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Snookies121954d ago

I will not read this article because they think old fans' only complaint is his hair... Man, I thought we were past this nonsense, apparently not.

NovusTerminus1954d ago

But the backlash of RE6, DA2, ME3 and a few others are justified...

Yeah I really hate that DMC fans opinions are tossed to the side as "whiners"

LOGICWINS1954d ago

Fans become whiners when they CONTINOUSLY comment on articles just to complain even though they're armed with the knowledge that their complaints won't accomplish anything but making them look obsessive.

If you tell me that you dislike/are not interested in a game, then I can respect that wholeheartedly. But if you repeatedly troll articles just to repeat your initial opinion..thats when you become a whiner/troll/fanboy/console warrior etc.

NovusTerminus1954d ago

I do repeat my concerns. And most of the reviews have everyone saying "suck it haterz lolololololol" And "Get over the hair" ever the "journalists" are doing the same thing.

Yes, I post and state my concerns, it is a decent game, but subpar for DMC which didn't need to reboot.

I do not consider myself a whiner (who would I guess lol) but more of a fan who just gets told by reviewers and such to get over the hair, when we have given out concerns in depth about the gameplay being not as deep. And the following day, we get told "Nope, get over the hair"

And everyone did the same thing to ME3's ending, RE6 STILL has that happen, and DA2. They for months got cussed out, the games got trashed by it's fanbase. But the DMC fans (And I'll admit there are some non constructive ones, but thats the same for any fanbase.) have been given the middle finger every time we say something.

Now we get to sit back and watch as DMC slowly turns into something that does not even resemble the franchise, and would have made for a much better new I.P.

Root1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I's not like were making crap up

Out of all games that get hated on by the franchises fans we actually have solid legit complaints for this game and have done so since we started to see more footage. It's not like were pulling it out of thin air.

It's a step back for the franchise and despite all the complaints and things they've dumbed down/made accessible it still gets good reviews. It's like these reviews have never played a DMC game before or forgot what it was all about.

Despite all the legit complaints people just go on about the hair...they know and have read the other complaints but they decide to ignore them because they can't face the fact that were right. I mean what are they going to say "Oh yeah...well 30 fps is better then 60fps anyway"


"But if you repeatedly troll articles just to repeat your initial opinion..thats when you become a whiner/troll/fanboy/console warrior etc."

So let me get this straight...

Someone who LIKES the game can go on every related article and say something like "Oh I can't wait for this", "I love the look of this game" or "This game looks incredible"


Someone who DISLIKES the game can't do the same on every article because they are considered a troll, whiner, hater the HELL is that fair

If were going by your logic then I can just say that the ones who like the game in every article are Whiteknights or suck ups...that wouldn't be nice would it.

It's a bloody commenting site, let people have their opinions. If someone keeps going onto someone's comment and keeps trying to undermine them or bash their comment then there being immature. If A doesn't do it to B then A shouldn't get it done to them. Most times it ends up in a personal attack because they use the whiner, hater, cry-baby card

I feel like people have forgotten the meaning of the word trolling.

MikeMyers1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

"Oh yeah...well 30 fps is better then 60fps anyway"

Then play it on the PC, problem solved. Why is it that fans of Gran Turimso allowed more flexibility towards Gran Tursimo 5 when it didn't run at a solid 60fps? Previous games did but GT5 at times ran even below 30fps. You know why they forgot or forgave them? Because it was a darn good game anyways and the game didn't suffer from not having a steady 60fps.

Is going from 60 to 30 a valid complaint? Of course it is but if the game is still fun it's still fun. You're making it sound unplayable and broken. You have other valid complaints too but at the end of the day you're still missing one key ingredient, you don't own the intellectual property. You are merely a potential customer. That is where your contract ends, you no longer have a say in the final product because it is now here. So what's happening now is the more it gets positive reviews the less ammo you have. You would have loved it to get poor reviews so you can bask in your glory and say 'see, told you so'. Instead most people buy games for the enjoyment, not reliving the past and thinking they should have all the input because they were previous customers.

Things change all the time, generations grow up and new gamers come into the mix. So they reboot things like James Bond and give it a darker edge. Or they make movies based on old classics like The Bad News Bears and put a different spin on it hoping to attract new watchers. The old timers think what's the point and that the new one is crap. Sometimes it's hard to think outside of the box but even reviewers get recycled and the younger generation comes in with a new perspective.

I don't think you're giving the new game a chance because you're still stuck in that box.

LOGICWINS1954d ago

"Someone who LIKES the game can go on every related article and say something like "Oh I can't wait for this", "I love the look of this game" or "This game looks incredible"

YES, because they are INTERESTED in the game..thus giving them a reason to be in every article due to their excitement for it. If your NOT interested in the game, they you don't have a reason to be in every article.

porkChop1954d ago


"Why is it that fans of Gran Turimso allowed more flexibility towards Gran Tursimo 5 when it didn't run at a solid 60fps? Previous games did but GT5 at times ran even below 30fps. You know why they forgot or forgave them? Because it was a darn good game anyways and the game didn't suffer from not having a steady 60fps."

That's not true. When the game first came out the framerate was between 45 to 60, however through patches the games performance has been improved. GT5 does run at 60fps now. It never ran at below 30fps like you claim. I've had the game since launch day.

And personally I don't think that 30fps makes a game unplayable. However if the franchise was built with a 60fps standard and then changes to 30fps, it WILL change the entire feel of the game and its responsiveness. It has a negative impact.

DragonKnight1954d ago

It's a good thing you didn't read the article because it had to have been written when DmC was first announced. The author insults gamers as a whole and those with legitimate complaints against DmC specifically, consistently bashes the Devil May Cry franchise, and comes quite close to mirroring what Ninja Theory said about how DmC will be Shakespearean (yeah, because big business vs. anonymous is so Elizabethan). In short, she doesn't address any of the legitimate concerns and this entire article is a big "suck it fanboys" style article.

And then you see what she wrote about the Tomb Raider reboot...

cpayne931954d ago

@LOGICWINS but it isn't that they just don't care about the game. If you, as a consumer, don't like a product, you have every right to voice your opinion. Obviously you can go too far with the complaining, but someone who doesn't like the changes in DMC can complain about it if they want to, as long as its done maturely... which is rare unfortunately.

I don't even have an opinion, I haven't played dmc yet. Plan to get the hd collection.

N4GDgAPc1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


I'm going to say the samething to u again and again. U keep coming in saying why we get harassed by saying your opinion.

I can't think of once have u came in and said just your opinion why you hate it. Its comments like this

"It's a step back for the franchise and despite all the complaints and things they've dumbed down/made accessible it still gets good reviews. It's like these reviews have never played a DMC game before or forgot what it was all about."

You went to say your opinion then go on how our opinions are wrong. You make it sound like no one actually likes the game. how can it get good reviews because there is no DMC fan that would like this game.

Guess what I played them all and still love this game. I think there is some asspects of the game that have been improved on and somethings I wish they still had in previous games. Maybe your not tring to come out like that but how you write it comes across like there facts and disregarding our opinions. Its like u think we actually don't like the game at all. Were blinded by reviews to make us think we like the game. When deep down we hate it which is not true.

Most of us here don't care if you come in and say why u don't like the game. But when you add comments like our opinions are wrong because we don't know what we like thats the people who get commented on all the time.

Revolver_X_1954d ago

Its funny having LOGICWINS as a name, when your logic fails. This is an open comment section to anyone. When ppl over the top praise this game to coax the other side, its no different. Yes, it has happened plenty of times here. Both sides have immature trolls, including these flamebait articles.

Im no big DMC fan, but I've played them all. I've played the demo, and watched the ending, plus other leaked footage, and got the story from a friend on Gfaqs. All in all, I think DmC should have been a new IP. The characters dont resemble, act, or interact the way they did in the old DMC. There backstorys come from a different place as well. The art style is different. The ENTIRE lore of DMC is different now. It seems to me NT is banking on the name to entice sales, but when you tell the fans to F off, thats pretty stupid. Putting all that in to account, if ppl cant see the legitimacy in the complaints, they're blind.

Factually, NT separating from the original fanbase WILL hurt them. Look at the sales of Enslaved and DMC4. DMC was a niche franchise to begin with. DMC3 sold the most with like 3mil. DMC4 was multiplat and sold less. DMC wasnt ever a big seller. DmC has an uphill battle to fight. Sadly, the game isnt the reason I wouldnt buy DmC, but NT's whole immaturity about it. Ppl doubted MGRR, at least Platinum stayed classy.

TheBlackSmoke1954d ago

N4GDGDAPC is correct. Iv'e said it before, all you guys do is make inflammatory statements like they are factual and belittle any positive comment's and then when someone counter argue's, You throw up your "opinion shield" Like you somehow can just say what you like but when challenged we're taking your rights away and we dont know shit.

You lot are borderline pathetic, you have never liked this game since the first trailer where guess what.. ALL YOU GUYS EVER MOANED ABOUT WAS HIS APPEARANCE. Just because you decided to move on and progressively moan about every other single aspect of this game, doesn't mean you can just pretend that stuff about his appearance wasn't said in the past.

You were never going to say the demo was good in any way even before you played it. You were never going to accept any positive review's so what is the point in talking in a forum when all you are doing is dictating?

Besides that fact, you guys are getting tiresome and sorry to say your comments are nothing more than off topic, trolling and spam. You assumed you were the majority when that was never the case, people just cant be bothered with you no more and now the comments sections look like devil may crybabies anonymous, with you all trying to convince eachother about the conspiracy against you.

You have failed in your crusade, you are now the brass band playing their instruments as the Titanic sinks slowly in to the ocean. The game is good and you got what you deserved, maybe try and not review a game from a debut trailer next time and maybe people might give a shit.

AdmiralSnake1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

You guys rebuke the same comments over and over AGAIN.

EVERYONE gets tired of ranting. Nobody has a problem with the fans opinions, the problem is you guys never shut up about it.

The fact that most went on metacritic just to troll the user score says a lot. This goes beyond being a fan. People are psychologically obsessed, bad ENOUGH, most went on their twitter threatening to kill their families over a video game, now this.

There's no excuse over this. Nobody needs to insult gamers, you guys have displayed that on your own how disgusting of a community this can be. Granted 1-3 articles is fine, but every review score, you guys moan, every DMC article.

Then when people call you whiners. You want to get offended, the wtf do you call that then ? Let me continue to whine and see if the does anything, people blame NT, when capcom the publisher approved of the reboot, the CREATOR HIMSELF of DMC, defended NT and the game, and you guys still insist on carrying on.

It's to the point, nobody even cares about you guys opinions anymore, maybe if people were humble and stated their concern, but trolling/flaming/ the excessive whining is ridiculous now.

Face it, DMC fans opinions are absolutely redundant, it's been rebuked many times over, we've heard it all. Hell, the demo, fine you guys had the right to say w.e you wanted, the full retail game that almost none of them played ? Silly

Temporary1954d ago


You actually GET it, they had already decided to dislike the game before it was even detailed. Instead of rolling with the ball like I did and realizing the game isnt a piece of shit, they decided to just stay on the hate train.

Theyre just missing out on a great game ultimately. It's a reboot, treat it like a new game. Same characters different universe...i dont care HOW different the story is as long as it's entertaining. I already know the combat is awesome.

MikeMyers1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

PorkChop, I own the game as well. It does not run at a steady 60fps. The point is DMC is very playable at 30fps because it is a steady 30fps.

I haven't seen too many reviews complaining about the frame rate of Devil May Cry.

WitWolfy1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

@LordMe, what we ME3 fans were "justified"? BS we were called "naggers", "pussies", "whiners"... the list goes on

Now they can see how we felt.. Voicing your concerns just to get the middle finger.

Edit: good article though the guy makes a lot of points to his arguments.. I agree with him gamers are pricks these days.

Blacktric1953d ago

"The game is good and you got what you deserved, maybe try and not review a game from a debut trailer next time and maybe people might give a shit."

Because something being good is not subjective right?

"maybe try and not review a game from a debut trailer next time"

Implying that's what we've been doing for the past 8 months. You know, for someone who acts like who knows two shits about both sides of the conflict, you know nothing else other than blab about the same crap over and over. Your comment might as well have said "you hate it because donte doesn't have white hair".

Get over yourself. Yours isn't the only opinion.

Heavenly King1953d ago

Capcom is paying that is why.

NewZealander1953d ago

gotta say i loved the demo and im going to buy the game, im a fan of past DMC games and i thought i was going to hate the reboot, but i actually was surprised, i think its far better!

i mean i could have hated the transformers movies for many reasons, like i hate michael bay, or i hate the cheesy bits, but i didnt, i hated them because there were BAD!

DmC is not, its actually very good! hurry up pay day!

Mounce1953d ago

Only fans this gen that I considered WHINERS with BARELY any merit...

Mass Effect 3 'Fans' (By all means, the ending did suck, but the game entirely on its own was one of the best action and story-driven shooters I've played, great characters, great music, great emotionally-gripping missions) I do NOT think the ME3 thing was justified entirely though, there was too much whining about the ending in which fans would just pathetically go to Metacritic to make shit-reviews and would exaggerate the game quality as if the entire game sucked because of the ending, least it made off with funny memes because of it. HIS NAME WAS MARAUDER SHIELDS!

Sonic fans will always have a retarded whining-issue around here.

Dragon Age 2 for this example? Was with Merit since EA rushed the game poorly and thought it'd not matter the slightest, they were proven Quite wrong by the backlash.

Annnnnnnnnd I can't think of anything else right now beyond Capcom and their On-disc bullshit and DRM.

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wishingW3L1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

author got caught red-handed in full hypocrisy mode:


DragonKnight1954d ago

Oh snap. How much you wanna bet that article disappears now. Better screenshot that.

aLiEnViSiToR1953d ago

NO... both sides need a compromise not to just stop and forget. This "reboot" of DmC is not as bad as people say it is but its NOT DMC we all know and love :[ and the acting/writing is totally off in this game, just look at that boss fight in demo... (F you no F you NOOO FFF UUUUUU) DAFUQ WAS THAT O_O were they high or what when they were making this lol

ps: They should have just made new IP and worked on DMC5.

smashman981954d ago

Except the game is just as deep as ever every ones major other major concern is the fps being at a steady 30 or combos being easier to pull off. 30 fps I can see why some would care I'm personally fine with it. But the easier combos shouldn't be getting slammed its not like they've streamlined it so much that all u have to do is pick up and play . No rather they cleaned up an aging system to simply uncomplicate things.

But I don't care I laugh every time I hear about how bad the dmc demo is or how its a great game but a bad dmc game. Truly its funny we all tend to forget about dmc 2 and dmc 4 which were just bad games. And how dmc 1 and 3 had hilariously cheesy dialogue at times.

Then of course I make comments like these and people simply say to me that I'm not a fan of the dmc series but now I get to say to them "i own every game in the series plus the anime" I think I'm a big enough fan

NeXXXuS1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

It's not even about the hair. Ninja Theory drastically changed everything about DmC with this game. I'm not getting it because they failed as a gaming company to listen to the fans of the original DmC.

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Timesplitter141954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Personally, I don't have a problem with Dante's new look.

What I DO have a problem with is that I've seen streams of this game and it looks like it's been written and designed by an angsty 13 year old who listens to screamo.

Dante acts like he's about to lock himself in his room and listen to Slipknot any second. He's everything but badass

N4GDgAPc1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

If you play the game his attitude is alot similar to original dante. One is carefree living life and the other is carefree don't care about life but by the end he cares alot more than original dante. He actually does it because he wants to find awnsers where the original would do it because it sounds fun.

and I'm talking about between DMC and DMC3 where there close to the same age. I think he is younger in DMC still though.

So by the end he is less arrogant than the original and shows that he cares for others where original is still just living life^^

WeAreLegion1954d ago

The complaints hold no ground, anymore. The game is out and it's fantastic. I suggest all gamers go play it...especially DMC fans.

PopRocks3591954d ago

No thank you. I played the demo and I hated every instant of it. And thankfully there's not a thing you can do to force me to play it. If you enjoy it cool, but respectfully leave me out of it.

NewZealander1953d ago

omg you sound just like the new improved dante!

i hate it you cant make me play it....just missing F*CK YOU!!!

Kur01954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Suck it

Darth_Bane791954d ago

OMG YES!! The best one of the series!!

HeavenlySnipes1954d ago

They made a reboot because the game was losing appeal to everyone but its original hardcore audience

The point of the reboot is change. Its surprising to see that all these people are surprised that a reboot of a franchise is not following the exact same formula the franchise has been using.

Look at the Tomb Raider reboot. You don't see Lara double jumping everywhere and killing wolves with her bare hands. Both games have started over and went in a different direction in order to revitalize the franchise. So far, DmC has been critically acclaimed so NT seemed to have done a good job of creating their version of Devil May Cry

wishingW3L1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

it lost so much appeal that look at all the people complaining. Metacritic user score destroyed, videos on Youtube with more dislikes than likes, NT having to damage control if the game was a reboot or an alternate time-line... DMC4 sold almost 4 millions BTW.

torchic1954d ago

some Justin Bieber videos have more dislikes than likes but the amount fans that kid has far and away outweighs the amount of haters.

Call of Duty got disliked to death and yet still broke sales records. I hate the game but it still did extremely well regardless.

in these cases I'm afraid to say that the haters are usually in the minority, but are just LOUDER than the majority.

I wouldn't use Metacritic user scores in an argument though, we all know how useless those are.

Tontus1953d ago

What, 4 million? Where did you get that figure from? According to the mostly accurate Vgchartz it hasn't even sold 3 million across the 360 + PS3 + PC. It was a huge commercial failure compared to its predecessor DMC3 which sold around 4 million including the special edition and that's why it was decided to be rebooted. You think the new DMC can do much worse than DMC4 because some 'fans' of the series are trolling it on the internet? Nope.

Anyway why bring sales up? The only thing that should matter to gamers is whether the game is of great quality or not, DmC has received a lot of acclaim and so you 'DMC' fans should at least give it a chance.

PopRocks3591954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

"Dante’s had a dye job and legions of devoted fans have sworn off his triumphant return to the forefront of action gaming."

Just from the description you can tell that the person who made this is an ignorant moron who has know idea what they're talking about. Dante's design is the least of my issues with the game. And yes for the millionth time, I played the demo.