Wot I Think: DMC – Devil May Cry

Just be warned, when Ninja Theory do bad taste, they don’t pull their punches.

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WolfLeBlack1921d ago

I'm in agreement that I've actually ended up really liking the new Dante, partially because of the voice actor who sells the character well.

He's cocky, arrogant, over the top and surprisingly likable.

joab7771921d ago

I actually enjoyed this article as much as the game. Very well written and spot on. Can somebody hire this person at ign, game informer etc. to play and write reviews? Great job! I wish every nervous dmc fan, or blatant hater could read this.

Panthers1921d ago

All of my friends are going crazy about this game. I never thought it would be bad because of what Dante looks like, but is it really THAT good? I might have to try it out.

DevilVergilX1921d ago

They probably like it because its really easy and more casual like god of war. They probably play this game like dynasty warriors anyways, button mash all day.

Perjoss1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Rock Paper Shotgun <3

dirthurts1921d ago

RPS is a great site. I always respect, and generally agree with the reviews there.
Can't wait to play this game, despite it's changes.
Looks great.

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