Gran Turismo's Updated Seattle Circuit, Apricot Hill, & Ginza District Revealed in Video

Take a closer look at the new locations shown off in the latest Gran Turismo trailer.

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Godchild10201952d ago

After watching the trailer, what if PD brought an open world like environment to GT5 or maybe 6 for the next PlayStation.

Nitrowolf21952d ago

they wanted that Originally actually, just couldn't do it. I expect to see it in the next one.

JAMurida1951d ago

@ Nitrowolf2

Yeah, I think C-Spec was suppose to be the open world for GT5 but they never got around to it I think. I remember reading it in an article some time ago. Would be interesting to see what GT6 on PS4 will be like.

sikbeta1951d ago

Seattle Circuit + Ginza = WIN!

Next one must be el Capitan

badz1491951d ago

Here we are, a couple years after release, still getting new stuff from PD. Keep up the great work!

neoMAXMLC1952d ago

Oh my God, yes Yes YES. PLEASE BE TRUE.

No Seattle was my number one disappointment about GT5. Probably one of my most favorite tracks in the entire series.

Ryo-Hazuki1951d ago

These tracks will most likely appear in GT6

abzdine1951d ago

great, i'll try them out when i come home.

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The story is too old to be commented.