Video Tribute to Jack Thompson

Ripten reports:

"With the recent antics of everybody's favorite neighborhood lawyer stirring gamers everywhere to utter a few choice words towards the man, the guys over at Pure Pwnage decided to give him a musical tribute. Hit the jump to watch the music video that'll be stuck in your head for at least a week."

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Vip3r3945d ago

This tosser gets too much attention.

JVIDICAN3945d ago

this guy still scares me 0_o

Hydrollex3945d ago

Mr Jack Thompson, Do you have the ballz to say George Bush had played too much video games such as Red Alert, Generals and GTA that he killed many people in Iraq and Afghanistan ?

this guy want to be famous ! that's all and no body gives a sh1t to what he says

gamesblow3945d ago

This guy has an unpopular opinion... I guess that makes him wrong. "go figure"

It's absurd... He's right in his world, he's wrong in the majority of gamers, and he just doesn't affect my world... Know why? Cause nothing he's doing is going to affect the industry.

You all let it bother you too much. Take a breather, folks. Jack isn't a bad guy... he just has a different way of thinking. Let it go.

Just because I think the Arizona Cardinals are the best football team in the NFL and I pick them and them only when I play football games, doesn't mean they're the best team in the NFL. Does it? They suck... we all know it.

Jack Trenton has an opinion that sucks... Let's stop attacking him for it. It's about as old as Sony hate.

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