Three Wild Theories About Everyday Shooter Designer's Rant

Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak baffled attendees of the Game Designer's Rant when he didn't use his segment of the panel to complain about the state of game design, but rather to play some catchy music and release a number of balloons into the crowd.

After much head scratching, rumination, and consulting of the I Ching, Game|Life has come up with three possible explanations for his behavior.

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Mc1873917d ago

Everyone love good cheap fun righ?

JoelR3917d ago

Hmmm after reading the article I would say
probably all three were the purpose of his talk...
1) what is play
2) keep costs down
3) he's just F* us...

GodsHand3917d ago

If you seen his trailer to Everyday Shooter, that might say everthing that he did not.

maybe it's still on the PSN.