Limited Edition White 500GB PS3 Bundle Confirmed for North America, Arrives this Month

It was just over a month ago when we let you know about Amazon listing a brand new White PS3 Bundle with 12 months of PlayStation Plus for January 29th, which has since been removed, but it has now appeared on Future Shop’s website, showcasing a January 27th release date and $299.99 price point.

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crunchychocobo1956d ago

Another PS3 bundle right before this rumored announcement of the PS4? I guess it will sell because it's white...

Greyslash1956d ago Show
dbjj120881956d ago

It's certainly the only reason to buy this bundle. Some people just love white consoles (as opposed to the black look that's dominated this generation's market.

blitz06231955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I would certainly consider it, but then again it's $300. It's not expensive, but I sure as heck don't need 500GB when I can't even fill up my 80GB BC phat.

I really think it was a mistake not dropping the price of the ps3 and instead just increasing the hard drive space and adding bonuses in the bundles. I would definitely have bought a new PS3 for $200 that doesn't come with anything else.

ZBlacktt1956d ago

You are aware the best selling game console of all time the PS2 is still being sold right?

UnholyLight1956d ago

How is that racist. YOU ARE STUPID, I believe he meant because they PS3 has always been black, that having a "special edition" in white will have people running for it.

Fkin idiots. Talking about you @Greyslash

Greyslash1955d ago

It was a joke? Jesus, get the stick out of you ass and learn to laugh a little. Don't take everything so seriously.

kingjoker341955d ago

lol you sir made my day. Wooosshhh

AznGaara1956d ago

Sucks how the never released the White Slim in the US. It looked much better.

omi25p1955d ago

is that a joke?

Because you cant actually see it....

profgerbik1955d ago

@omi25p Are you joking?

You should get a better TV, Monitor or get your eyes checked because I can see it perfectly.

omi25p1954d ago

yes because a white square on a white background is just so clear.

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SolidStoner1955d ago

relax, it was a joke :D jokes all around us, you joke I joke! everybody is joking!

On topic.. I had Silver PS2, If something happens to my original fat 60 gig ps3, I will be thinking to buy a white one.. that's if ps4 is not over the horizon...

ftwrthtx1956d ago

Nice looking PS3 but I'm not a fan of the new model.

BringingTheThunder1956d ago

it looks ok. i could just do without top loading.

ftwrthtx1956d ago

It's definitely a cheaper build, and I understand the thought process behind it, but I prefer my launch 60GB and my PS3 slim. Both seem to be better built.

1956d ago
Ryo-Hazuki1956d ago

They need to bring over the 12 GB PS3 from Europe so they can match the cheapest price of the 360 instead of bringing over a model that's $300.

nevin11956d ago

Do you think the 4GB 360 model outsells the higher price 360?

Ryo-Hazuki1956d ago

yes. The majority of people who buy consoles this late in the generation are casuals. No matter if they are getting a good deal or not... entry price matters to them.

UnholyLight1956d ago

I can't believe anyone would be RETARDED enough to buy a 4gb. We have lived in a society long enough with iPods and iPads and game consoles to know that 4Gb means you literally have MAYBE 3Gb of space actually on the console. Which means you would likely not be able to download ANYTHING.

Seriously, even if you're a casual, you're obviously stupid to buy something like this, especially when it's like $100 more for 50x the storage

profgerbik1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Hi Ryo, I love your games. I still play Shenmue.

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