Installing Linux Onto Your Sony PS3

There was a lot of noise in the beginning of the PS3's marketing-hype-launch that the console would have Linux pre-loaded, but Sony came to their senses when they realized how much more work that was going to be for them. So people are left to figure this one out for ourselves. But don't cry; Sony has not left them completely in the dark! The XMB menu system has an option to partition the hard disk and install another operating system which TweakTown will be guiding you through the use of in this how-to.

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d3l33t3943d ago

has anyone done this? If so, how well does it work.

Rice3943d ago

its pretty cool, pretty easy to install but its kinda useless unless ur gonna do that streammygame thing and if u dont have computer....

Ri0tSquad3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Still, I doubt using it with my HDTV will help it performance wise. The web browser sucks as well since there no flash.
Yahoo messenger works pretty nice though.
PS3 web browser > linux web browser

I only used it once after installing Linux.

Lumbo3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Imho not enough RAM for serious work, and only framebuffer for display.
But i guess it works if you take these limitations into consideration.
Combined with a good compiler you can make good use of the Cell architecture for parallel computing tasks. But i wouldn't want to work on it on a daily basis, i prefer my PC for that, mainly cause of the 2GB RAM that helps to speed up Linux.

And naturally you can use it as media center with the available free linux players. Though you will miss flash when using a browser as Adobe failed to support PPC with the flash player :(

gamesR4fun3943d ago

ya very easy
used ubuntu just google it they have 5 flavors just for the ps3 and all the support you'll ever need.

heyheyhey3943d ago

it's PPC Linux so it doesn't really offer all that much

the PS3 already does enough anyway- Linux is cool for some things though

BTW does anyone know where i can torrent Yellow Dog?? Ubuntu sucks

EZCheez3943d ago

I don't recommend it though. You'll like it for about a week because you're running a different OS on your PS3, but you'll forget all about it after about a month.

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EZCheez3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I installed YDL on my PS3 about a year ago. I haven't used it in over half a year.

The only reason I haven't deleted it is because if I format my hard drive I will lose my save data for games that cannot be copied. I have no idea why you can't copy Rock Band save data but you can't.

It was great during the Great Game Drought of 07 because I had a SNES emulator, but once the games started to roll in for the PS3, I forgot it was even installed.

EDIT-Also, there is no flash support for the initial web browser so you can't even watch videos or do anything somewhat entertaining on the net.

Ri0tSquad3943d ago

I kinda regret installing it since I never use it anymore. Just a waste of 10gbs.

Danielson3943d ago

just use the back up utility in the xmb options to get rid of Linux but keep all your stuff, you will need an external hard drive though

DFresh3943d ago

It sounds like a good idea it's awesome totally should think about doing it don't build it in the system but as a firmware update.