Old Dante VS New Dante

The new DmC game is releasing soon, and is being handled by the team at Ninja Theory. Making a new Dante was a very risky move on the part of Ninja Theory, but which is better?

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Root1979d ago

Should this even be discussed....old Dante all the way

Majin-vegeta1979d ago

Old dante if i wanted to hear some emo retard say dumb s*it.I would sit down with my gf and watch twilight-_-.

izumo_lee1979d ago

Old Dante (especially Devl May Cry 3 ver.) cause you do not have to say 'F*CK' all the time just to sound cool.

CrimsonSquall1979d ago

Old Dante, for pure nostalgic purposes. However, New Dante does have his own thing going for him which is hes cocky as hell(ya see what I did der).

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