This level is one reason why DmC is awesome

A video showing off some of the imaginative use of visual effects and music in DmC; a contributing factor to the game's awesomeness. Contains minor spoilers.

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Irishguy951983d ago

Can someone tell why his hair turns grey?

pandehz1983d ago

Yea from all the fan whining

papajag1982d ago

Lmao it's a skin after you beat the game.

Hanso1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

DmC has great level design but everything else is trash in this game..

Vandamme211983d ago

I just got this game..this game is so awesome

UnHoly_One1983d ago

I played the demo last night and the game looks to be spectacular.

It really opened my eyes to how idiotic everyone is being complaining about how they changed the character a little.

It's ridiculous.

grifter0241983d ago

Not to mention him saying "Fvck," Every other sentence and acting like a whiny teenager with anger issues.

I bought the game, got to the fight where the boss and the character get into a "Fvck," You battle and gave the game to my friend.

This is just trash and I feel sorry for the people who buy this game.

Bereaver1983d ago

Says the guy with an "oral intercourse" picture as his pic.

I mean honestly, what?

grifter0241982d ago

Bereaver- Difference is my picture isn't in your face 24/7 for the entire time you're browsing N4G.

Does my small little icon start growing every time you read an article, is my little icon in your face the moment you get on N4G?

Nope but in DMC you get a swear word right off the bat and throughout the entire game...yeah it was cool swearing every sentence when I was 12. Then the taunting of the child at the end...that was just in bad taste no matter how you slice it.

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The story is too old to be commented.