dbTechno PS3 Review: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has posted their review of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition which will be released by Capcom on February 26, 2008 for the Sony PS3.

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avacadosnorkel3946d ago

should have released Dead Rising if they were going to re-release an old 360 game for PS3 owners.

This does me no favors

lalilulelo3946d ago

i dont know what lost planet is all about anyways. i played the onlin demo and it isnt that good

Bnet3433946d ago

Capcom shouldn't be giving PS owners anything, at least the ones that act like you avacadosnorkel and call them "crapcom". You guys always attack them for stupid reasons, but then when it comes to SF4 and RE5 you come back running to daddys arms "OHHH SO COOL WE LOVE CAPCOM YAY!"

lalilulelo3946d ago

i dont like either of those games. CAPCOM is ok, but its a very old company that used to make arcade games. its games are still basically arcade like SF4, LP...

Bnet3433946d ago

What does Capcom being old have to do with anything? You make no sense. Nintendo is old too? Geez.

gambare3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Do you know that Capcom will bring a crippled classic Bionic commando to the XBL? They think to do the same with SSF2T HD for the XBL due the size limit imposed by M$ and they will bring the high res versions to the PSN. Not so great huh? pretty lame if you ask me but it's already confirmed.

Bnet3433946d ago

Right.... and I fail to see how it's Capcom's fault of a size limit? And I don't care for a resolution of a game like you punks, that doesn;t affect gameplay at all.

gambare3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Oh, but it does when the affected game is a PS3 game right?

Snukadaman3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

But they have already said only the xbox version will be whats the problem? I agree with you kigmal...when the new street fighter comes along most of these people complaining will turn a blind eye...just like devil may cry 4.

gambare3946d ago

read the posts above, then you will see what's the problem with kigmal.

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MrWonderful3946d ago

i will be getting this since i missed the 360 one. Is the gameplay worth getting a year old port?

Charlie26883946d ago

I would recommend it since I LOVED the 360 version, if you like shooters you will enjoy it you might enjoy it even more if you like Mechs games with MASSIVE (HUGE enfasis on the MASSIVE part) bosses and also if you were ever into anime (NOT that not liking anime might hurt it)

also the final level is a small treat for any ZOE fans ;)

for the FULL game (Game + ALL the DLC + PC extras) for $40 is a pretty good deal


its only 39.99,that is a game i cant resist.the online is great i just hope the single play is just as should be alot of fun.PLAY B3YOND!

SIX3946d ago

True true. I think people should definately give it a shot. I personally liked it as well. Even more than DMC4. That's my opinion though. $40 bucks is nothing for a solid game. I really do hope this is as good if not better than the 360 version. Although I've downloaded and played the PS3 version I did feel that the 360 version had a slight edge. I'm hoping that was an early build, but I doubt it. I sold my 360 version and kinda miss it. I'll for sure pick it up again for $40 with a bunch of extras.