Why Skyrim PS Vita Release Will Never Happen

Marlon Votta:

While PlayStation 3 gamers are still waiting for all three DLCs for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim there has still been no movement as far as when or if any will become available, giving us cause to feel that Bethesda’s popular title has had problems with this platform since the game was released. This brings up the question whether we will ever see a PS Vita version in the future or would this be too hard to reproduce on the handheld.

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Nitrowolf21797d ago

eh XD, did people really expect a Vita version? I doubt many did, especially most ps3 users after that buggy mess

admiralvic1797d ago

I thought the lack of PS3 support was a bigger sign. I mean who would expect another version of the game when we can't even get the DLC?

kane_13711797d ago

Why should we even get a Skyrim on Vita, we should actually try to avoid Console games on Vita, it is just stupid.
Let us have handheld games for handheld consoles and the general video games on home consoles.

zebramocha1797d ago

@Kane but Mario,luigi mansion,resident evil,Mario kart,zeld,were are all console games,as long as the developer can execute the game well,then what's the problem.

NukaCola1797d ago

I personally would prefer Fallout on Vita. It would fit ever so phenomenally.

TheGamerDood1797d ago

They can't even get DLC right on the PS3 you think they'll actually port a decent version to the Vita? heh You don't reward lazy incompetent devs with more money you boycott them.

cpayne931797d ago

@zebramoch Spin-offs are different than ports. I would rather have spin offs than games I can get on console.

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TruthBTold1797d ago

Who ever even considered Skyrim coming to Vita? These articles are so desparate. "Will we ever see God of War on XBox?", "Doesn't look like Sony will see a Mario game on their system this gen". I know Skyrim is multiplat but if anyone had any hopes of Skyrim coming to Vita it must have been someone with no clue of hardware requirements and limitations or some website just writing pointless articles to capture hits.

Snookies121797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Uhhh, because Bethesda doesn't care about PlayStation players. That's why... Quite obvious from their mess of a Skyrim on the system.

DragonKnight1797d ago

You mean dat exact same amount of ram that the 360 has?

DragonKnight1797d ago

Apparently the disagrees are from people that don't know that the PS3 has 512MB of ram split into XDR and GDDR3 RAM. I guess it's link time for facts but we all know how many people don't like facts.

"The PlayStation 3 has 256 MB of XDR DRAM main memory and 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory for the RSX."

What's 256 plus 256?

Thirty3Three1797d ago


Sooo... I love my Vita; I guess you can say I'm anything BUT an xbox fanboy (I mean, I really dislike the console) HOWEVER

I must correct;

The 360 has more ram than the PS3.
The PS3 has 256.
The Vita has more ram than a PS3.

... Yeah :/

one2thr1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Not to throw a stick in your wheel but the:

PS3 has the same amount of RAM as the 360 but the PS3 RAM is split, not unified...

PS3: 256 XDRam+256 Ram
360: 512 Ram

The Vita has more RAM than both PS3 and 360...

Vita: 512Ram + 128 Vram

The Vita is also better at multitasking than both consoles as well, but can't play as many media formats compared to the PS3...

zebramocha1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The ps3 has 256Mb main memory,256Mb of VRAM for a total of 512Mb,the 360 has 512Mb of unified ram.

Queasy1797d ago

This makes as much sense as saying "Why the Los Angeles Lakers will never win the Super Bowl."

LackTrue4K1797d ago

They can't even make it run right on a ps3...! What chance they got on the Vita?!

TENTONGUN1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

vita has no cell. i think just 3 cores like the 360. if im right,, which im not saying i am cause im no tech dork. should be easier to develope shouldnt it. if im wrong im sure someone will let me know huh

Belking1797d ago

Make it happen sony. Vita could use a title like this to help with the lagging sales.

nirwanda1797d ago

Its hardly suitable for a quick burst of handheld gameing.

I would like to see skyrim on next gen consoles with some of the mods or even a choice of mod and surely it would be that hard to do, after all alot of new gen games are ports from the original console

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