Why Is The Xbox 360 So Popular In The U.S.?

Don Reisinger:

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is a sales juggernaut in the U.S. In fact, according to the latest data from NPD, the Xbox 360 led all consoles in sales for 24 months in a row. The console even was able to beat out the Nintendo Wii U in December – a surprising feat considering that console just went on sale in November and the Xbox 360 has been available for seven years.

The Xbox 360’s staying power in the U.S. is nothing short of astounding. In December, alone, Microsoft sold 1.4 million consoles in the U.S., indicating gamers see no reason to hold off on buying the device until the Xbox 720 launches later this year. Better yet for Microsoft, many of those folks sign up for Xbox Live, providing the software giant with a steady stream of revenue over the course of its lifecycle.

All of that success, however, has me thinking: why is the Xbox 360 – a console that, at launch, some thought would be trounced by the PlayStation 3 – so popular in the U.S.?

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Rainstorm811676d ago

Because its made in America....and most nations Support their brands

Abash1676d ago

Because you could get one for $200 since as early as 2008 and it is by far the most advertised console.

xPhearR3dx1676d ago

This. Everyone knows MS pumps out advertisements. I rarely watch TV, but I can't remember the last time I saw a PS3 ad. However, every time I do watch TV, I see at least one 360 advertisement. Even on Youtube, I see 360 ads all the time, never a PS3 one. When millions of people are seeing the 360 shoved in their face compared to the PS3, it makes sense they would go buy it over a PS3. At least in America. Not sure how the advertising is in other countries.

FriedGoat1676d ago

Microsoft can throw money at anything to get it to succeed and never run out. Just look at the friggin horrible metro on windows 8, they'll throw money at that until everyone thinks its ok to make desktop a SECONDARY feature.

kane_13711676d ago

in Eu Sony has finally begun advertising the Playstation brand, and i'm happy that they finally are doing it.
I hope they keep this attitude in the coming years.

nukeitall1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

So MS shouldn't spend money on marketing going against a company that has dominated the console gaming industry for over a decade?

Of course MS has to spend gobs and gobs of money.

It's quick to point out MS marketing, but what about the strong brand name Sony came out of at PS3's launch?

Still to this day, MS hardware is hardly a brand at all except for the Xbox 360.

I also want to point out that USA is the least national consumers. They are the most swayed by price and value of almost any nation by far. It is a highly capitalistic society.

There is a reason why Toyota is number one and Honda is number two, while Subaru is number three of cars sold in the US. If US was strongly national, they would have bought Fords, Dodges, GMC and so on.

PS3Freak1676d ago

I think that releasing a year early really helped.

It got the 360 the image of the "hot new thing" and we all know how people love to follow trends.

CommonSenseGamer1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

@Fried goat:

Rubbish, otherwise Zune would still be with us. Furthermore, tablet manufacturers are already dropping planned support for Windows RT on upcoming devices.

MurDocINC1676d ago

Simple, it released early, it was cheaper and had more games in early years.
My reasons it has better UI and controller.

darthv721676d ago

Have you ever used a Zune? if you had you would know it actually is a very nice portable media player. It failed to catch on because it was released too late in the craze.

Media players from the likes of sony, Creative, Archos all suffered the same fate when compared to the likes of the ipod domination. Zune didnt have a chance but it didnt mean it was a crap product.

Windows RT...I didnt know it was failing. I can see how it isnt price competitive with the droid OS because google is whoring that out like crazy. You can get really cheap android tablets from Memorex and so many off brand companies. I dont know to look at that as a good thing or bad thing.

Apple is the only ones to use their IOS on their devices. MS designed RT to compete with both droid and IOS but they need to be more cost competitive to be adopted by off brand companies like droid.

kikizoo1676d ago

advertisement, price, biased medias, 1 years to trap people and friends to xbl, magic firmware=free games since 2007.

TheGamerDood1676d ago

I'd really like to know this too. They haven't pumped out an original AAA title in couple of years(!) and they're ending off this gen with more Gears and Halo DLC. Not hate these games but that's just nuts to drop $200(on 4GB ver no less) on last gen hardware when next-gen is only a few months away.

pixelsword1676d ago

My goodness,

Now since the 360 was overtaken by the PS3, we're going to see a bunch of articles like this now, huh...

UnholyLight1676d ago

Not sure what you're talking about but only just since the kinect came out alongside the new console has it been $200 in Canada anyways. It has NEVER been that cheap way back in 2008

DOMination-1676d ago

Sony have spent loads in Europe on advertising. They are the main sponsors of Champions League football with two adverts at the beginning and end of each ad break.

Gamer19821676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

MS pumped out a TON of advertising in Japan too at one time and it was cheaper than PS3 there aswell yet it still got beat by ps3 those weeks 10/1 advertising sure helps a lot I dont disagree with that point but Americans have a form of loyalty to American products. If it was as simple as advertising they would have conquered the world.

People think it could be releasing early but it came out even earlier in Europe, it had a year and a HALF in Europe before PS3 thanks to bluray shortages and PS3 still beat it.

mattdillahunty1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

i think there are multiple reasons why the 360 is popular in America. for the record, i'll mostly be comparing the 360 to the PS3 in this post, since the Wii tends to target a different demographic in its marketing, style, and library.

1. the 360 was the first console of this generation, and thus had a bigger time to build a fan base. so when somebody goes into Gamestop or Walmart and is thinking about buying a console, there's a good chance that many of their friends already have 360s. and many people make the choice on their console based on how many friends they can play with, which friends will get it in the future, etc. it's kind of a networking thing, and when there are (or were) more people that have one console, it's kind of a trickle down effect.

2. this kind of piggybacks off the friend aspect from the previous point. this generation has been one built around online, communication, and the social experience of gaming. even if it's a social experience through their online service. needless to say, as far as home consoles go (which means i won't include the amazing Steam), Xbox Live has provided the best online experience and social aspect for gamers. it is so much easier and more fun to get a group of people together to socialize, play games, or just meet up on XBL. i think this is especially important for a country like America.

3. marketing. not much else to say here. Microsoft knows how to market the Xbox, and they've done a fantastic job of it.

4. first person shooters. i'm not going to stress this point, because i think it's been overdone that "hurr durr people just want a 360 to play shooters." but to SOME degree it's true, the 360 is unquestionably the go-to home console for first person shooters, and Gears as well, even though it's a 3PS.

5. the PS3 had a rough start. from the pricing to the lack of rumble to the poor library for the first year and a half to many shoddy ports to bad marketing.....even though the PS3 has been kicking serious ass for years now, it definitely got off to a bad start, which made the 360 a much easier choice for the go-to console of a hardcore gamer.

also, let's not forget that while (imo) the PS3 has the much better exclusive library, the 360 does DOES have all the amazing multi-platform titles that have been released this generation. sure, it may lack in constant AAA exclusives, but that doesn't mean its library sucks.

DA_SHREDDER1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

It's by far the only machine thats sole purpose is to over charge to play online and play mostly 3rd party games that are also on the competitors machines that have no online charge. This just proves that Americans as a whole are a bunch of morons.

ShinMaster1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

- It's Amurican!

- Tons of marketing behind it.

- A fad that caught on for no reason other than Gears of War and Halo.

ChrisW1676d ago


In Japan, you'll see as many if not more 360 commercials than Sony (PS3 and Vita combined) commercials... And these are mostly only shown during cartoons that games are based off of.

Whereas, Nintendo commercials are about triple of both MS and Sony... And you are likely to even see them during the evening news.

MikeMyers1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

"Because its made in America....and most nations Support their brands "

Really? Is that why the PS2 had way more market share than the Xbox? Is that why Honda and Toyota do so poorly in the U.S.? How well does Ford and Chevy do in Japan? How many Xbox 360's have sold in Japan? Now ask yourself this, what is the ratio of Wii's and PS3's of the overall console base in Japan compared to the U.S.? Now ask yourself this, what is the ratio of Xbox 360's sold in Japan and compare that ratio to how well the Xbox 360 does in the U.S. You will soon see a huge discrepancy in what you just said. The U,S. supported the Wii just like Japan did. Seems to me Japan never wanted to support the Xbox 360, even when Microsoft tried to secure Japanese support from Square-Enix and exclusive titles like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

As the world was shifting to the iPod as a portable music player it was Japan that was still supporting Sony's MP3 player more so than any other country. The Sony Walkman also did extremely well in the U.S.

EVILDEAD3601676d ago

Let's keep it 100% real. I'm talking s a gamer who has owned every major system for the last 3 generations.

This is not a knock against Sony or Nintendo.

Most of the people who hate the 360 won't come to grips as to the REAL reasons why the 360 is popular here in the US.

In fact, most of the 360s hate on the internet comes from the perspective of people who don't live in the US.

If your talking STRICTLY America there are many reason why the 360 is dominating america, but there a some major ones that you can point to.

The #1 reason Xbox is huge the U.S. is Xbox Live. I could go on and on why it has been so advantagous for Micrsoft, but Live is what Micrsoft got right and it payed off huge this gen and will be a huge reason the 720 will have a great early run next gen.

The #2 reason is Micrsoft has the biggest hardcore exclusives this gen by far in the US.

Last gen the PS2 dominated the world, but the truth is in the US it came down to two exclusive series Grand Theft Auto & Madden.

Fast forward to this gen and as big as those games are in the states, both are multiplat and do well console wide.

But,if you go are asking what is popular in the US. Then nothing on the PS3 can come close to the impact of Halo and Gear.

In fact, US alone 4 Halo games, 3 Gears games, and Fable 3 all outsold every PS3 exclusive out there.

Gran Turismo is a beast worldwide but it was Forza 3 that outsold Gran Turismo in the US.

Call of Duty rules the PS3 sales charts game wide, but it is a fact that in the US the COD fanbase is dominates the PS3 by upwards of 3-4 million.

So again Xbox Live plays a huge factor with COD as when it comes to the most popular game in the universe and i's fanbase migrating to the next gen.

This goes for huge multiplats like Skyrim (that had the best version) and Battlefield 3.

Again we are talking popularity, which means sales, which means what are gamers actually playing daily.

We see all the fankid/troll comments that show people need to bash the entire country just for their console of preference. But, you notice they never say where they are from when they do.

The Wii dominated this gen, but the fact is in the US the 360 is actually only a couple a million behind the Wii in overall sales.

All console manufacturers advertise and Sony had a huge ad campaign leter in the gen. But, it's clear that Micrsoft supported it's biiger games and Kinect as they should have.

When you have an online service that more gamers prefer to play on and you have 2 exclusives that as so big that gamers in the US line up on the thousands in the freezing cold just to play at midnight, then you are doing something right in that region.

Will it play out that way next gen is anybodys guess, but Micrsoft in the drivers seat in the US at the moment.


MikeMyers1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

As Logic and dedicatedtogamers have alluded to it is the social aspect Microsoft got right. Xbox Live got people into the social realm of gaming on consoles. It was also wise of them to include a headset with each system. I imagine social gaming with voice chat is way more popular in the U.S. than it is in Japan and the best support for Xbox Live and other applications stems from the U.S. territory.

Microsoft also aligned itself with the bigger franchises more like Call Of Duty. In fact watching ads almost made it seem like they were exclusive to the Xbox 360. They know how to market things like Kinect and put money behind well known games like Grand Theft Auto. I personally think Kinect failed to materialize into what was advertised but they pushed it to success with huge campaigns.

What I do find interesting in the forums is just how much Microsoft is resented. People may comment about Nintendo and Sony and what they do wrong but there seems to be actual hatred towards Microsoft more so than the others.

insomnium21675d ago


"... USA is the least national consumers. They are the most swayed by price and value of almost any nation by far"

So then PS3 should absolutely be the top selling console by far.

Making it seem that monetary value is all people in USA think about is lying. The numbers prove that without a doubt.

sikbeta1675d ago

X360 is not made in America, isn't it? :P


XBOX LIVE + Afordable Price + Advertising = WIN

Boody-Bandit1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

End statement.
I'm not being smug. MS obliterates Sony and Nintendo when it comes to marketing. They are a marketing machine and always have been as a company. Just look at the video included. It's a knock at MS (from Apple) but it couldn't be more accurate and one of the biggest reasons MS has been so successful. People can say or think what they want but investing a TON of money into advertising "usually" pays off 10 fold.

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dedicatedtogamers1676d ago

Social media features are also very popular in the US, and that plays a big role in the 360's success, since it is the best "social media" console on the market. A lot of people are buying it as a Netflix+Facebook+Twitter machine with the occasional dance Kinect game thrown in. This is evident when you look at the diminishing sales of 360 exclusive franchises.

kane_13711676d ago

people can't be that stupid, you don't buy a damn console for Netflix and Facebook, you buy it to game on.

dedicatedtogamers1676d ago

@ kane_1371

But that's what people said about the PS3, wasn't it? "I don't buy my consoles to play Blu Ray".

Nowadays it's all "so what if I only have two exclusives? I use my 360 all the time for Facebook and to watch Netflix!"

Septic1676d ago

What are you on about? Facebook flopped on the 360.

Maybe....people like the games on it?? I mean you can't get Halo, Forza, Gears of War, Left for Dead, and other titles on other consoles?

mwjw6961676d ago

Yes this is why Halo is the 3rd best selling in the world right now. Its right behind BLOPS 2. The 360 ver is also 3mil ahead of PS3.

The 360 was only sold as a gaming machine for many years, it is just in the last year it has became a media/casual machine.

PS3 was a cheaper ($600 still not cheap to me) blue-ray player for many years, and thats what some people bought it for.

Gamer19821676d ago

Social media is huge worldwide its just as bit in EU as US. People should compare EU to US rather than Japan..

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morkendo231676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

haaaaaa, REALLY!! I Live In AMERRRICA

i supported SONY!!!!! SINCE ps1,ps2

PS3 all the way.