Five Games That I Want On The Wii U

John Speerbrecker:

The Wii U has been out for almost two months. We haven’t heard much coming from the Nintendo Camp regarding new releases. According to, there are only 5 games scheduled to come out in the next few months. It would seem that there might need to be a few ideas to help this system gain some traction and I have chosen a few titles that would not only expand the Wii U’s base, but provide the experience that you cannot have on other systems.

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corrus1953d ago

Five games you not gonna get for Wii U

RuperttheBear1953d ago

Seeing as Nintendo now co-owns the Fatal Frame ip, I'd say it's quite likely that it will appear on the Wii U. It's certainly more likely than it appearing on any other console.

zerocrossing1953d ago

I would love a Fatal Frame for Wii U! The controller is practically designed for it.

Pozzle1953d ago

A new Fatal Frame would be amazing.

zerocrossing1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I only hope they release it in the west this time, Fatal Frame 4 was great!


Yeah, seriously what's up with that!? D: Well they released Crimson Butterfly Wii Edition in the west so I guess that's a good sign, Fatal Frame is one of the only true "survival horror" franchise left on console as far as I know, Nintendo need to use this to their advantage and pull out all stops with 5!

Pozzle1953d ago

Amen to that. I loved Fatal Frame 4, and I'm genuinely confused that such a great title was never released in the West, while the crappy Spirit Camera spin-off WAS released over here. Who's bright idea was that? D:

MegaLagann1953d ago


It's Nintendo, logic sometimes is hard for them.

MegaLagann1953d ago

Fatal Frame, Trauma Center & Metroid are the main ones that come to mind.

sitharrefus1953d ago

Fatal Frame, Advance Wars for Wii u, Pokemon RPG for wii u (will never happen), Metroid, Geist Sequel, Baten Kaitos, Disaster Day of crisis HD?, Battalion wars online?, Eternal Darkness sequel? new game?....

Nintendo needs to bring new games and new ips along with their classics such as mario and zelda etc...

The titles above are the games i wanna see on Wii u from nintendo but probably wont happen....

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