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Original Devil May Cry Creator Sticks Up For the New DmC

Game developer Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games and recent Bayonetta fame will field just about any question on Twitter, whether he's well-versed on a topic or not. Something he knows a ton about? Devil May Cry games. Kamiya was the director on the original Devil May Cry back in 2001 and a very good authority on what makes a Devil May Cry game great.

Not surprisingly, fans and foes of the newest game in the Devil May Cry series, the newly-released DmC, want to know his thoughts on it. (DmC: Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

VileAndVicious  +   928d ago
Very classy.
Godmars290  +   928d ago
Certainly better than NT did when announcing they were taking over the franchise. Which is part of the problem.
MmaFan-Qc  +   928d ago
I feel kinda guilty for actually being entertained by nerd rage for once.

Is this what being a troll feels like?
Army_of_Darkness  +   928d ago
Did I misread??
He didn't actually say that the new DMC was good, he simply said that even though he had nothing to do with the series for years now, he is happy that fans are still supporting the DMC franchise till this day.
I didn't see anything stating that he thought that the new game was good personally....
DragonKnight  +   928d ago
I find this to be strange. First of all, Kotaku are the ones that posted the article that he hated, and now what are they trying to do with this one?

Second, wtf is up with the Ninja Theory account talking about how they are fans and yet when the game was announced and interviews happened a little afterward, Ninja Theory (admittedly mostly Tameem) put down the older series and even Kamiya himself?

Kamiya has taken a very diplomatic stance though. Gotta agree with Vile that it's classy especially when so many have called him racist or an asshole (even though he's not).
Nerdmaster  +   927d ago

Well, he said "DmC is a very unique title, and I honestly hope that people enjoy it." and he agreed to the guy who said "Glad you feel that way. Ninja Theory is a really talented UK studio and they've treated your game with respect."
Temporary  +   928d ago
I bet Capcom paid him to say this stuff...

/end conspiracy
wishingW3L  +   927d ago
he is just being polite, just look at what he did to Kotaku and what he said about the PS All-Star game. Piss him off a little and see what will happen....
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j-blaze  +   927d ago
it's very clear Kamiya didn't write those tweets, the sentences were very organized and with punctuation marks too....publicity work? obviously!

@ DragonKnight

well said, NT doesn't deserve any respect especially from Kamiya, NT's head was disrespectful towards us, Kamiya and everything related to old DMC games
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Karum  +   927d ago
I dunno about respect, I neither love or hate NT but I am a DMC fan since the first one was released and have been enjoying the new game.

I couldn't really care less about the developer, how people feel about them etc. just as long as I have fun with whatever game I've chosen to play that is enough for me.
Well then. Nuff said.
Grap  +   928d ago
says the one who is going to destroy MGS series.
Allsystemgamer  +   928d ago
If ur talking abou rising ur a fool. It's a spinoff that showcases raidens skills AS HE IS IN MGS4. There is phantom pain and GZ which are SOLID titles. Not MGR.

SO your trolling is terribad.
Spenok  +   928d ago
Its... BADONG!
wishingW3L  +   927d ago
it's no spin-off, it has already been confirmed that is cannon (sadly). And while the gameplay looks great the writing and story are looking pretty terrible. People and especially fans of the series are in all their right to complain since "story" is a huge chunk of what makes a Metal Gear game be a Metal gear game.

But the question is, what is it with you people that condemn any kind of negative opinion? We are all different, we think differently and we have different opinions you know.
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TheCagyDies  +   928d ago
Hideki Kamiya stated a thousand times, he has nothing to do with MGR.
SAE  +   928d ago
Kojima him self went to bayoneta developers and gave them the game because his team was having issues to make it work together . so he could have canceled it him self but he like the idea ...

mgr will be amazing or at least fun because it's trying something new not like DmC . that's why im buying it new day 1 :P
OptimisticPrime  +   928d ago
Dmc not trying something new? The fuck?
wishingW3L  +   927d ago
DmC is all new. And the original plans for Metal Gear Rising were that PG was going to do the gameplay and KojiPro the story but then things went a little wrong when the director (from PG) changed the time-line and the story too.

This decision brought a huge dispute between KojiPro and PG but since the director was from PG they had to go for the alternate time-line. Now the story is just pure anime cheese ala Vanquish and Bayonetta because the PG director wanted to make the gameplay really over-the-top.

If you ask me the fans would have been happier if the story stayed as originally intended with less over-the-top gameplay. ;___;


And yes, the story is cannon.
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SAE  +   927d ago
Ok, My fault . New means exciting new ideas in gameplay. it is trying to be what it is but DmC is changing to the bad . the character act like a teenager with the word 'Fuck' . the gameplay is easy as hell, it wouldnt be a problem if it was a new ip but it is because old dmc's was famous for being challenging...

i know nothing about the story in mgr so i cant judge that but the gameplay looks amazing and refreshing in a good way (And hopefully challenging too) . that's what i mean..
Kamiya has nothing to do with MGR im not sure what your talking about. Atsushi Inaba is the director of Rising.
OptimisticPrime  +   928d ago
"We all know ninja theory paid him so much $$$ to get him to sell out and defend this game!" -every enraged fanboy since this game was announced.
Root  +   928d ago
Even though he said in the past he didn't like it....yeah like I'll believe him now

He even said how NT didn't respect it, now he's saying they do

What the hell is going on

Lets not forget NT have called him and his creation in the past


LOL disagrees....yup keep disagreeing even though it's the truth. Some people just can't stand the truth I suppose
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vallencer  +   928d ago
God you're on this one too spewing your conspiracy theories. What if, and this may be hard for you to understand, he really does like the game and thinks its going in a good direction?

The feud between them is their own I honestly don't care but they both are respecting each other now and that's all that matters to me.
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Root  +   928d ago
Oh for the love of GOD

Whats wrong with you....seriously, just let others have THEIR opinions. Your so bothered about what other people think, that you have to comment on them and try to
undermine them

"he really does like the game and thinks its going in a good direction?"

Even though he said he didn't and he said the exact opposite for the past two years since it was announced.

Two years of being disappointed with it and NT...you don't just change your tune like that....You whiteknights can say what you want but at the end of the day it's common sense and you wouldn't just change your opinion like that
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amaguli  +   928d ago
"Some people just can't stand the truth I suppose"

Like maybe the fact that Kamiya may have some respect for the game?
vallencer  +   928d ago
You can have your opinion but why can't I have my own opinion about your opinion?? I'm not undermining you at all. Honestly you get more up in arms then anyone I've ever replied to. I don't really get bothered but I do like having discussions and it's fun with you cause you freak out and get so flustered. Plus you called me a twat and it was rude. Especially when I thought we were just having a discussion.

Someone's link from below disproves you sir.

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DangerousDAN  +   927d ago
thanks for clearing that up, man. I hate that these guys are always putting words in other people's mouths. They can have their opinion, sure, everyones does, but theirs is based on pure biased hate that makes it very difficult to respect.
Norrison  +   927d ago
@Your Reply
You're being such an hypocrite, you're telling him to let others have their own opinion when you said that your opinion is a fact.
Haha123  +   928d ago
He got paid by capcom!!!!

TongkatAli  +   928d ago
Not to be a dick, but Hideki and the Ninja Theory guy Antonio Tamd something ? They both are loud mouths and snobs for real. Shinji Mikami and Inaba > then those two douches.
kevinsheeks  +   928d ago
Ummm he was never really against it more like the fans took it in ran with it >> http://thesilentchief.com/2...

Hello all foreign fans. Recently I got lots of comments like “Dante has changed”, and someone said I was not too fond of newest Dante. But it’s not true.”Dante has changed”…that’s right. But from my point of view Dante has changed every time the sequel came out, and he was always different from whom I created first. So why don’t you wait and see how their new trial will be same as usual…? (sorry about my poor English )

when even the creator is open to someone taking his pet project i think the fan's can move forward as well
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DangerousDAN  +   927d ago
"pet project" eeh i don't know if he would consider it that anymore. I read an interview back when Bayonetta was in production, he stated, and i'm not joking here, that DMC was like a girl you had, but has now been passed around and used up, so you don't want that girl anymore. The exact wording escapes me, but that is basically what he said. Pet project back in the day, but a whore today.

At least the whore looks good again, eh.
CrescentFang  +   927d ago
That was one of the problems with the old Dante, Capcom kept changing him.
It doesn't feel right (personally) to mention a game series to the man who made it but at the same time it was taken away from him. I remember reading how he was disappointed or sad that Capcom didn't even ask or put him up for DMC2.
Eamon  +   928d ago
Didn't Hideki Kamiya express his distaste for DmC back when it was announced?
theenglishman  +   928d ago
Maybe he, I dunno, changed his mind in the interim?
Eamon  +   928d ago
Guess so.
AdmiralSnake  +   928d ago
The creator himself is sticking up for the new DMC...and people still raging lol...wow.
HeavenlySnipes  +   928d ago
Creator of the the original arc is fine with the reboot yet the "fans" still spout that they have legitimate concerns. Wow lmao
DevilishSix  +   928d ago
See all the haters of the DMC reboot, about the hair and the emo look, have been riding this game and related articles for like 1 1/2 years. Now they just can't handle it when the realization comes that it turned out pretty great. For whatever reason they wanted it and NT to fail no matter what, unfortunately for them, their crusade is over and they can't accept their dreams of failure for this game did not come true, lol.

I personally was not fond of the reveal, but I love this genre. I have played, owned, and enjoyed them all...the DMC series, the GOW series, the Ninja Gaiden series. This is a genre that doesn't get as much attention as in the past and I am happy to see the it has turned out so well, so I bought it yesterday. I welcome well made hack and slash action games. I am also looking forward to the Metal Gear Revengence and GOW Ascension games.
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vanethe  +   928d ago
"My only opinion is that people continue to love the Devil May Cry series, both fans and its creators alike. It’s yours now."
Adnan_rules  +   928d ago
Misleading title. Just because critics say its a good game doesn't mean it is, I mean look at Heavy Rain, that got very high rating and I played a few hours of it and have never been that bored with a game before. Mass Effect 2 or 3 is another one, I played the demo of this game that people love, all I was doing was shooting, the RPG elements were nothing special. The decisions in the cutsences were cool but thats it. That game of GOTY, so people stop raving about good reviews.
DangerousDAN  +   927d ago
you simple-minded troll.
SAE  +   927d ago
Agree with you on mass effect but not in heavy rain .

mass effect call it self an rpg but it's more like a shooter and it was boring for me but heavy rain was made for story and it deliver it's idea . it tried new thing which is controlling the story. heavy rain is amazing game . you cant disagree for not liking that type of games. it's like saying gt5 sucks because you just drive cars and thats boring xD . it's just not your type of games.
Adnan_rules  +   926d ago
my point was to say critics reviews and peoples reviews are not always the same. Critics loved heavy rain, I really disliked it. doesnt mean its a bad game, thats what i meant here the critics love dmc doesnt mean its a good game. i cam you give you plenty of examples
profgerbik  +   927d ago
Do fans these days like anything? Doesn't seem like it, people today seem like a bunch of spoiled ass clowns who seriously don't know their ass from their elbow.

I find it hard to believe this Devil May Cry is that horrible but then again I haven't played it.

Just basing this off the perception of how things have been, it seems every new game that comes out people bitch about how it's not the same anymore.. I never understood people like that anyway, it's like going to a concert and listening to that idiot scream at the artist to play the same songs over and over..

I don't get why people would never want anything new. I guess that is where the sad term "History repeats itself" came from.
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dsghjuydfhtrhe   927d ago | Spam
BlaqMagiq24  +   927d ago
Title is misleading, he doesn't make any statement that says the game is good or bad.

He says is he's happy people are still supporting the DMC franchise after 12 years and he hopes people enjoy it. He also said getting his opinion on the game is pointless.

So there you have it.

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