Iwata Seeks to Increase the Gaming Population Because, “Not Becoming an Enemy of Mothers is Healthy”

ZI writes: In an in-depth Wii U interview by Japanese site Nikkei, Satoru Iwata revealed that he wants to greatly increase the population of gamers, and not necessarily by making more casual games, but by bringing more non-gaming applications to Nintendo’s systems. He mentions Wii U’s cool new Google Maps Streetview application, which is set to release this month, as well as Youtube, and how a non-gamer who becomes accustomed to using the gamepad for such things becomes interested in using Nintendo’s systems, since there’s non-gaming things that can be done well on it.

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Zodiac1982d ago

That does seem to be a valid principle. It's smooth sailing once the mom is on board.

Allsystemgamer1982d ago

My mom always supported me playing.

It helped my Hand eye coordination when I was younger and reflexes. Also problem solving etc. the thing is u need the right games for children.

Yea I did play halo and goldeneye when I was young aswell as doom and duke nukem but both parents saw me as a mature kid who knew right from wrong. They taught me that and I've ne'er taken a game as a literal method of my brains development. I KNEW it was for entertainment purposes and was not made to inspire real events of violence.

3-4-51982d ago

That is because a lot of Mom's are narrow minded and think they know more than they actually do when it comes to tech and entertainment. Same with fathers.

I blame the media for making it seem like games are only for 5 year old kids.

Yet 98% of people 30+ couldn't even beat some of the easiest games we have out today. Which means they aren't as smart as they think they are.

mochachino1981d ago

The average core gamer is over 30 years old.

MikeMyers1981d ago

“There are many things on the internet that are more interesting when viewed together. Watching videos, shopping, trip planning, and the Street View Google Map service [which will begin on Wii U] this month, in January. This way, if it’s an enjoyable experience, for people who don’t have any interest in games in the family, rather than something that’s a hassle to have, the Wii U can become something that they have a connection with.”

Then why was Nintendo the most resistive to online gaming? Even now they still don't have universal chat features and the way you invite friends and how they accept those invites are odd. also if gamers are interested in many things beyond gaming why did Nintendo refuse to support DVD movie playback and now blu-ray?

zerocrossing1982d ago

It's a smart move creating games and other content that parents can enjoy along with their kids, but I don't think it will help quell the argument that "violent video games influence violent behaviour" anyway I think that's untrue for the most part.

Jadedz1982d ago

Super Mario Bros. U, Raymond Legends, for example.

jslash1982d ago

Raymond Legends hahahahahaha

zerocrossing1982d ago


Id so buy that! lol!

MurDocINC1982d ago

These games also make for great drinking games. I'll pick Mario party with friends over any game. Can't wait for wii u version!

TheEnigma3131982d ago

This sounds like an excuse to cater to the casuals.

1upgamer991982d ago

I really like my Wii U, but Google Street maps seems kind of like a silly app. I mean yeah I guess there might be point in time when you may use it, but I don't think it would be my "go to" for maps, for one they are not print/portable.

Nevers0ft1982d ago

Combining the Gamepad with Streetview is an excellent idea: Sure, you can't print maps but you could fake a sightseeing tour of your favourite landmarks from your living room :)

metroid321982d ago

Have u seen it ? i like it very much.

1upgamer991981d ago

To be honest no I have not used it much, I always used my phone and gps.So I will check it out.

TongkatAli1982d ago

Whatever floats your boat Nintendo, but mature games are my favorite not to say I don't like Super Monkey Ball and Mario.

quantae061981d ago

M rated games are already on the Wii U. It's not like he doesn't want those games too. He wants to expand the audience to be much bigger then just one group of people.

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The story is too old to be commented.