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Xbox 360: This Gen's Best Game Console

Eskimo Press: It's been one hell of a console war. Countless curse words and insults, luckily no causalities, at least to my knowledge. We do, however, feel that this generation is coming to a conclusion, so we think it is appropriate to tell you, unarguably, why the Xbox 360 deserves the title, "best gaming console of this generation". (PS3, Xbox 360)

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FiLTHY ESKiMO  +   542d ago
Would have to agree that it is certainly the most convenient game console, but I am very disappointed with the lack of innovative exclusive titles released in the past two years.
RumbleFish  +   541d ago
Still discussing 8 year old hardware on N4G?
Army_of_Darkness  +   541d ago
You should know, after all your in the discussion and topic right now ain't cha?? ;-)

And NO. This title belongs to the PS3 Overall. Anyone that has one knows why, so I'm not gonna waste my time writing a novel.
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RumbleFish  +   540d ago
You're right, but after so many years of redundant discussions which console may be better, even the most die hard fans may have recognized that each has it's strenghs and weaknesses.
"Xbox 360: This Gen's Best Game Console"
According to movie lovers.

'TV and movies overtake online gaming on Xbox 360'

Waiting for gears 4 or wait for ni no kuni, last of us or beyond? hmm sad for MS.

"Trixie, an ex-Xbox employee about her new novel, the reason why she left Microsoft"
*"Xbox is run by mostly middle managers with no gaming experience" - trixie.

MS needs some fixing.. Actually they don't since xbox sells anyway.

This should distract from no new games.

Between old ps2 franchises, ps3 franchises and most likely new ps4 title coming in the future sony is loaded. Duck low becuz any game could be thrown at you in any second..
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DOMination-  +   541d ago
Meh. This article will soon be filled with 360 owners saying they agree and ps3 owners with their 'Lists'. Its pointless.

Unlike last gen when we could clearly say ps2 was the winner, this gen in reality is just so close to call. That's why there's so much arguing. Lets just say all three done incredibly well.
nukeitall  +   541d ago
I kind of agree with this! Bottom line is there differences with advantages and disadvantages on all sides.

I'm really happy how this generation turned out with three competitors really really close (except for maybe the Wii). It couldn't have been a better situation for gamers and I love the variety and how the industry evolved with first Wii Motion Controls and then Kinect.
DOMination-  +   541d ago
Exactly! I for once will be getting both MS and Sony consoles on day.

All I hope for is MS focus more on first party (which seems to be happening with all their studio purchases recently) and Sony... for their OS to be less boring and make me feel like I'm in a social environment (well it seems Sony London are working on this, instead of SCE Japan which again in my opinion will only work out for the better). Next Gen seems like its going to be perfect.
MikeMyers  +   541d ago
If only it were that simple. I too agree that there doesn't need to be a winner, all 3 had their own success. Unlike last generation where both Microsoft and Nintendo were totally outclassed by the tons of support the PS2 got.

When the race is much closer like we seen this generation, we see more attention from those who stay loyal.
user3915800  +   541d ago
Now comes the defense department to say that their system is the best, it always happened. The best console is the 1 you have and play, end of story. We feel the need to defend a voluntary way of either feelings, hate, trolling, annoy others or just simply see how people will react to others, but no one knows what makes you a gamer for it is your own ways of reality. With that in mind, I enjoy all 4 now and it is arguably based on the games itself, games brings the joy, not the consoles. I like my PS3 and wont trade it for any console cause the first party keeps me hooked, but I also enjoy online and Xbox gives me the perfect balanced, while the WII and WII=U are fun on its own way, no one cant tell me that they did not enjoy Mario, therefore, gamers win. As a gamer 360 brought the most happiness for me cause of the online play has no equal, while PS3 gave me that home feeling of family oriented movies and services keeping us together through entertainment. Wii was a blast for my kids and I do enjoy every minute I was in them. Only gamers win when they are satisfy with their system, I know I did... There is plus and minus to every console, there has never been a perfect console, nor will there be in our lifetime, cause they all improve in its own ways. Im happy to be a gamer and always will be, there is no reason to hate while you play to have fun in the gaming community. With that in mind, go on with your life and have a great gaming device that makes you happy and remember, we all want to have fun, so stop anallysing whats the best and know that this are simply gaming devices, entertainment to spend time, not a system to establish your feelings, religion or the beginning of a war, its simply a way of life. All I say is, game on.., cause we all want to feel the joy...
darkride66  +   541d ago
Sooo, the fact that a gaming console does more than gaming is a strike against it? OoooK. Does this ring any bells for Kinect users out there? "Xbox...Social" "Xbox...Bing"

So in one breath you condemn a system for the things it does other than gaming, in the next breath you're singing the praises of Kinect and all the things the 360 does other than gaming.

I'm not following the logic here.
badz149  +   541d ago
After the ps3 should die article, now this! Is today 1 of those "Sony is doomed" day again?
Knight_Crawler  +   542d ago
In terms of making socializing with friends and family online easier then I agree.

But MS has dropped the ball in the last 3 years and have focused on Kinect so in terms of games The PS3 wins hands down.

The only thing that saves the 360 is that most of the mutliplats are better on the 360 but that is slowly changing.
raytraceme  +   541d ago
Best Multimedia console? Sure Xbox won but for GAME console the Playstation is my winner. The Playstation has loads of aaa exclusive platformers and other action adventure games, which are genres that I love and grew up with.
jimbobwahey  +   541d ago
No interest in clicking flamebait articles, but if what you say is true and they really do consider the Xbox 360 to be superior for multimedia, then I find that rather bizarre considering that the PS3 is the only one out of the two to support Blu Ray.
Athonline  +   541d ago
As an early adopted of both consoles and now on my second version of both consoles as well:
-XBox is a much better experience overall in terms of menus, online, browsing XBox Live, keeping a friend's list. Plus I find the controller a tad better. Achievements feel a little bit "better" used than trophies and got me engaged more into thinking "I will get the X game on a 360 since they play the same just for APs".
It has some great (for me at least) franchises I enjoyed in my original XBox such as Halo, Fable and this-gen IPs like Gears.

-PS3 has Blu-Ray. When I moved to UK the first console I went to "re-buy" was a PS3 for Blu-ray movies, no I do not like digital movies. The PS3 doesn't "feel" the same as the 360, it feels more "dull", "serious" with less empathised in online connectivity. Yet it had some must-play sequels and new IPs. The only major disappointment is the lack of a proper online community, especially at exclusives.

At the far end if I only had one console it would be a PS3 due to sequels to franchises I grown up with and the fact I always prefer SP over MP.
If I didn't have a previous PS2/XBox gen consoles, I would prefer a 360 most likely...
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Ezz2013  +   541d ago
" Xbox 360: This Gen's Best Game Console "

Related image(s)
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Funky_Homosapien  +   541d ago
I think now that the numbers are released and ps3 is winning the rat race xbox team is gonna be blood thirsty come next gen.
DiRtY  +   541d ago
The next gen started 3 months ago with the Wii U.
MRMagoo123  +   540d ago
lmao hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah the wiiu started the next gen , all nintendo did was catch up to 6 year old tech.
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BanBrother  +   541d ago
I love the 360, it is wonderful. It is my go-to console for my online interactions.
In saying that, I'd have to say the PS3 ks the best this gen. Not to sound lime a broken record, but the exclusives are amazing. Granted so are the 360's, but the variety on the PS3 is outstanding. This year also looks to be quite amazing for it, whereas the 360 only has Judgement (anticipating Seriously 4.0).

I am more of a single player guy, hence why I prefer the pS3 and why my favourite Xbox 360's games are lost odyssey and alan wake. Will be getting both next gen consoles, but it would be amazing if they released the same day lol, albeit inconvenient for those of us who aren't millionaires.
strigoi814  +   541d ago
seriously??? you're kidding right??

oh well thats what you say!
hennessey86  +   541d ago
Best console
The 360 has a lot of things going for it, but the fact Sony has continued to pump out great exclusives means the title of best console goes to the PS3. I'm just glad I have both of them.
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Sanquine90  +   541d ago
I have all consoles and i can conclude

Multiplayer : xbox 360 Singleplayer: playstation 3

I want to say playstation 3 but the xbox also got it's gems ( Less gems than the ps3 )
Max-Zorin  +   541d ago
There is no best console. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
OhReginald  +   541d ago
I humbly disagree.

I will say 360 had the best game console launch.

However 2008+ ps3 was winning every year.
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isarai  +   541d ago
I'm not for or against any platform here, but i find it hard to give that title to a console that makes you pay to use features you already payed for (can't use netflix without gold? seriously?) and has nearly abandoned the concept of providing worth while exclusives for the past 3 years or so. Not to mention it's missing the compatibility of a pretty major format these days(blu-ray)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   541d ago
This is a heavily opinionated piece. I'm just gonna say the Xbox came from nothing to something and is now a household name.

The only ones who say its the best its the ones playing the console right now and not coming in here and stating reasons why. They don't need to tell people why or justify themselves

Example: If the ones that are saying is the best, are ones having Kinect parties and playing unique Kinect games. If they say its the best then ok its the best for THAT person.

Core Gamers

Media Users

Kinect players

Social butterflies

They say its the best And they're having a great time, its their preference. I'm sure these past 2 months almost 2 million people are having a great time with the 360.
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Phil32  +   541d ago
I just can't agree. This isn't some console warrior thing either.

The system just didn't do it for me. Bad exclusives, horrible first-party offerings (besides Halo and Forza), the console that killed my beloved Rare, paying for online, and the most unforgivable of all, the utter negligence of building the worst launch hardware in memory.

Sorry, but no.
GribbleGrunger  +   541d ago
I'm not entirely sure this journalist is being serious. Look at his closing comment:

'So, there you have it. Xbox 360 is a definite winner when it comes to being a standalone console for the sole purpose of gaming. The PlayStation 3 serves more purposes and is certainly of more use in my apartment; blu-ray player, media-server, Internet Browser, so on and so forth... but damn do I miss gaming on my Xbox 360.'

He uses his Ps3 for all those functions but doesn't seem to own a 360 any more. Why did he get rid of it? And I'm assuming the 'and so forth' is shorthand for 'exclusive games and PS+'.

Is he perhaps being very dry and extremely ironic? He must know that Microsoft have been pushing the 360 as a multimedia machine for the last three year, and he also must have heard of Motorstorm, Infamous, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, LBP, Heavy Rain, Journey, Unfinished swan to mention just a few. He must also know that this year we'll see Ni-no-kuni, The Last Of us, Sly Cooper, Boyond: Two Souls, Before Dawn, Puppeteer, Rain, Gow: Ascension and others... that's too compelling a list to pretend they don't exist and surely he knows that.

Adding your own knowledge as you read this article leaves you wondering whether he does actually mean this literally or whether he's playing a little game with the reader.
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first1NFANTRY  +   541d ago
Don't fall for the bait people, these sites are just looking for hits. Whatever console YOU regularly play on is the best for YOU
MasterCornholio  +   541d ago
The XBOX360 and the PS3 are equally good to me however i personally believe that plus is much better than good because of the amount of value that you get with the downloadable games.

P.S Even though i like the dual shock a lot i dont really like the triggers because my fingers slip off them often. I didnt have this issue with the 360 controller because the triggers are curved outwards so its harder to slip on them.
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HappyTrigger  +   541d ago
Oh, here we go again lol... *fastens seat belt*
urwifeminder  +   541d ago
It was for me before going pc,the 360 has battlestations woohoo i had one rrod and one ylod i got another 360 and bluray player been happy ever since.
FlyingFoxy  +   541d ago
Consoles need to be like the 64 days, Conker, Banjo Kazooie etc..

nowadays you can get most of the games consoles have on PC and are better.

Plus Xbox has way too many FPS titles.. and those are again much better performance and control wise on PC.
wishingW3L  +   541d ago
calm down guys, he's just trolling.... ;)
Jakeyboy3095  +   541d ago
if your more a of hardcore gamer and play heaps of online games with friends then you should choose the xbox 360 (like me)

if your a casual gamer and just play online sometimes and prefer to spend your time watching movies, then you should have a PS3.

make a choice and don't go around saying that that console is the best, grow up.
neoMAXMLC  +   541d ago
Ezz2013  +   541d ago
what did i just read ?!
hazardman  +   541d ago
I loving gaming and show no bias on this topic. I love my. Xbox and ps3. That being said the xbox was the best console for the 1st 2-3yrs. After that PS3 ran away with the title of best console this gen. For me it had to do more with Bluray movies and the exclusive games. If we are basing it on online xbl was best service this gen, despite psn free online or psplus free games. I still like that I can cross invite/chat and create private parties and even listen to my own soundtracks in any game(more a system function than online feature, but still) and also letting me watch certain programming without any civania crap pop up. But still PS3 gave me some great single player experiences that I think IMO put it over the top. Not saying xbox didn't have some good ones just Sony made sure they had more. Just saying! Sorry no love for the Wii here. Id have to ask my kids and I'm pretty sure they hate anything that doesn't have Minecraft. Peace Out!!
PS4isKing_82   541d ago | Trolling | show
MadMen  +   541d ago
MrDead  +   541d ago
Why do the approvers have no respect for this site? Has one of the N4G creators offended you so much that it makes you want to destroy its (quickly weakening) credibility for actual gaming news?

N4G approver "Oh look a blog site with no news just a flame title that will turn the comments page into a playground!" APPROVE, APPROVE, APPROVE....
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